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Today let's head north to Southbury, the one and only town named Southbury in the country. It's in Connecticut, and among the many old and historic homes (including author Gladys Taber's 1690 farmhouse Stillmeadow and Ed Sullivan's & Victor Borge's country houses) is this brand new home.

It may be brand new, but it doesn't want to look it, so you know what that means? It means we can have a lot of fun with the interiors. Right now they're a tastefully trendy neutral gray blank slate:

How about a mix of tastefully trendy and old farmhouse?  Dig how the chair upholstery echoes the blue plates.

{Benjamin Dhong & Matthew MacCaul Turner}

  I really can't suggest much to improve this white and bright kitchen:

...Except for sassy new pendant lights.  And longer drawer pulls.  A sleek range hood of course.  And if someone would build the cabinets to the ceiling with those lighted cabinets, that would be ok, too.  But that's it.

{Blue Water Home Builders}

And pretty backsplash tile.  Now I'm really done.

The dining room already wants to marry old farmhouse (love those 12 over 12 windows) with a little trendy bling by way of an orb chandelier:

 ...So I'll make it another offer it can't refuse: 

{source unknown}
 How fun is the circle motif wallpaper with the wainscoting squares and the chevron on the chairs?  It really keeps all those neutrals interesting.

The guest bathroom has a very similar foundation:

Let's treat it in a similar fashion:

{Threshold Interiors}

Finally, the master bedroom is just waiting for its chance to be a true retreat:

 ...A true retreat where whether it's old or new doesn't matter anymore, because it's simply timeless:

{Scott Sanders}

Timeless like enjoying Spring from the comforts of your front porch:


  1. Vicki,
    Love it! You've added just the missing pizazz that the house needed. On the kitchen cabinets, when we remodeled our old kitchen, we raised the cabinets to the ceiling, what a huge improvement, not to mention the extra storage we were able to capture.
    Great post.

    1. Hi Karen, Raised cabinets like that are such a great look, and definitely help a kitchen feel timeless, like yours. I enjoyed reading how Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick raised hers. They turned out very similar to my inspiration photo. More storage is always good, too! Have a great week!


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