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I think I'm on to something.  Book-inspired real estate searches are fun!

Today's house is inspired by the book The Fairy Tale Girl by Susan Branch.  (I don't think this prolific watercolor artist and author needs an introduction, but just in case, here's a link to her wonderful blog.)  Her book is mainly set in San Luis Obispo, California, so that's where I focused my search.

The house was built in 1997, and the decor has that homey touch reminiscent of Susan's earliest books:

For today's look, though, I have different entry conversation pieces in mind:

{Catalano Architects}

Moving on to the living room, we see there's apparently another talented painter with ties to San Luis Obispo:

The mural is beautiful, but close your eyes and take a deep breath, because we're going a bit more meditative with the space,  like this:

{L K DeFrances & Associates}

As if the house's living room wasn't light and inviting enough, there's also this family room with wonderful views:

Like the living room, let's try taking it from French Country to sophisticated and soothing:

{Huestis Tucker Architects}

Another large and sunny window awaits in the dining room:

The trey ceiling here could echo that of the living room, as could the quieter decor:

{Tracey Ayton Photography}

The kitchen currently looks like a bustling and happy space:

But, in case you don't start your mornings quite this cheerful, we could add a little hush:

{Huestis Tucker Architects}

Upstairs, this first of 4 bedrooms is light and sweet:

We could keep the lightness of it, with maybe just a few touches of sweet:

{Pamela Pierce}

This bedroom might serve as a shipshape retreat for guests:

But I'd introduce a softer shipshape approach:

{Linda Woodrum}

From  The Fairy Tale Girl it was a quick trip to a fairy tale house.  
Now I think I'll make a quick trip to the library!


  1. Vicki,
    While the whimsical style of the interiors on this home are sweet, I absolutely love the style you've shared. I have always enjoyed Susan Branch and her newest book will be wonderful. I like your idea...find a house that could give those of us that enjoy imagining where the characters live, and decorate it for us. That's a winner.
    Enjoy this summer weather we're having. Ugh!

    1. Hi Karen, It makes it easier to finish a good book, that's for sure. I like how the books take the guesswork out of my searches for me-- I'm lazy that way. :) You'd like Susan's book, I think. She talks about how she first started with watercolors. I really enjoyed her book about England, too.
      Isn't this weather crazy? Where's our rain we were promised? :)


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