Holly Lane, Plymouth

Have you been pining for a Fixer Upper home of your very own?  Did you want it to be on a seasonally appropriately named street and city?  Have I found the house for you!

It was built in 1978 in Plymouth, Minnesota.  No word on whether Plymouth is named for this Plymouth:


...but with this as your view instead, does it really matter?

Now let's check out what overlooks the view, this bright and spacious living room:

Fans of the show Fixer Upper, do you remember this finished room from last season?

The updated metal railings are so striking.  Since our house today has railings everywhere, they should definitely be a feature-- and not just one of safety!

See, railings everywhere:

Again, Chip & Jo to the rescue:

In keeping with this rustic/industrial vibe, the kitchen is well, rustic:

1978 rustic isn't the same as 2015 rustic, though:                          

{Murphy Mears Architects}

As a plus, we needed a metal window frame to match our new metal railings.  

Now to the bonus rooms of the house, starting with the landing:

Not sure how much wall space is available to the right,  

...but a cantilevered homework station would seem to fit right in.

In the basement:

it just feels right to channel Chip & Jo again:

Don't forget the ping-pong table:

The last bonus room really is a bonus room.  It's a sauna!

I looked for interesting alternative uses for a sauna space (wine cellar?), but Pinterest didn't support me.  I guess if I lived by a lake in Minnesota in the winter, sauna alternatives would seem nonexistent.  

But nonexistent doesn't always stop me. The listing didn't feature any of the 4 bedrooms, but if it did, I would answer back with this:

Finally, on a personal note to my sister, if the mirror you're considering for over your bed looks like this one, get it!

 At Thanksgiving, I'm extra thankful for family (especially when they humor my decorating advice), rooms that look like other rooms, and you, my loyal and friendly readers!
~Happy Thanksgiving!~


Riverview Road

Every so often, I find a house in the listings that is "practically perfect in every way." Today's house built in 2014 in Chattanooga, Tennessee is definitely one of those. I said aloud, "Oh, neat!" when I came across this one, and I think you will too.

Hello old doors used as art.  You're making me feel quite welcome in your entry hall.

Aren't the mirrors over the cabinet a neat touch?  (I think they're mirrors...) Very unexpected and fun. I just hope somebody finishes that painting soon. 

I can't believe I haven't even commented on the architecture yet, because, well, wow. 

I love that the kitchen is grand, yet still friendly, and of course it's open to the perfect family room:

But if that wasn't enough, it's also open to this:

A butler's pantry that would qualify as its own perfect galley kitchen.

Take a peek at the home office and guest bath....

....and then we'll head upstairs:

Shiplap? Check.  Sliding barn doors? Check.  Barn lights? Check.  I think that pretty much covered my Chip and Joanna wish list.

Nice beamed ceilings in the master bedroom.

Nice everything in the master bath.

As if having an upstairs laundry room wasn't awesome enough, I should tell you that there's another laundry room downstairs. No skimping on awesomeness here.

The kids' spaces each have interesting nooks, corners, and angles:

 The lower level is perfectly in step with the rest of the house, with a crafts area, 5th bedroom, family room, exercise room, kitchen and dining area. (If you're trying to tally the house's square footage, it's over 6,000 square feet.)

I've lost count of how many pictures I pulled from the listing, and there are even more!  

The architecture and design work together so well to make this house pretty much every contemporary blogger's dream home. Is it too early to start making my Christmas list?


Norfield Road

Still enjoying the beautiful fall colors of Connecticut, let's wander Northeast to Weston.

If you're interested in Weston's history, the town sign is packed with it:

If you're not a history buff, in a nutshell it could read:
Lots of growing, burning and exploding
Beautiful houses

Today's beautiful house on Norfield Road was built in 1830, and features 7 fireplaces.

The exterior is simple and welcoming:

All that you might want to add is a pretty seasonal display:

The simple exterior belies the rather grand interiors.  A nice surprise, isn't it?

Again, the beautiful architecture doesn't need improved, but maybe enhanced a little:

{Old House Online}

Just a little bit of color to bring in a little more personality.  The entry chandelier and sconces lining the hallway are a nice touch, if this old house is up for it.

The living room also has beautiful moldings, and seems eager to be a gorgeous yet comfortable room.

I think it might happily cozy up with this design:

{Circa Interiors}

Since there is no shortage of pretty rooms with fireplaces, let's call this one the library:

We could use the existing wall color and just let our inner stylist go nuts:

{Designer Beth Webb, architect Peter Block}

Pretty room with fireplace #3 is up for grabs as the dining room:

Don't get distracted by the more colonial features. Focus on the perfect table, chairs, and rug:

{Cathy Kincaid}

Not one to disappoint, the kitchen also has a fireplace:  
(And wonderful floors!  Have you noticed the floors yet?)

I think it also needs the perfect table and chairs (but not the painted floors this time):

The upstairs landing doesn't feature a fireplace...

...but it doesn't need to, because it could feature this lovely vignette instead:

{Circa Interiors}

Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms, and of course we see one with a fireplace:

We just need a fantastic bed from which to admire it:

{Designer Beth Webb, architect Peter Block}

As for this bedroom:

 I think it wants a fantastic bed, too:

{Circa Interiors}

I like how this house combines a picture-perfect Connecticut farmhouse exterior with a wonderfully spacious and gracious interior.  It doesn't get much better than that.