Guess what?  As of this post, If It Were Mine has visited all 50 United States!

{ireportcnn} (Why yes, I was hoping to get this post out earlier this month.)

Now I'm done.

No, just kidding!  No quitting when I've got a backlog of neat houses telling me otherwise.  So many houses, so little time -especially in July!

Rounding out our Nifty 50 is North Dakota, and today's house in Fargo.  This American beauty was built in 1905.

The corner fireplace and corner cabinet make me think we could take this home in a Swedish  direction. 

{source unknown}

That's a big change, I know, but it feels like a big breath of fresh air.

Let's see it with the dining room:

I mean let's see it with a Swedish dining room:

{Tone on Tone}

Beautiful inspiration, and by the way, I'd chose the metal horse over a stuffed elk, any day.

The kitchen has a streamlined look, but not in a decorative way:


Another big change for the house, that also brings a big payoff.

This sitting/family room could go from a spartan playroom....

...to a sweet family room with architectural interest that disguises the radiator and pipes.

{source unknown}

On the other hand, the bathroom needs to pare down its sweetness...

...to a stylish Swedish simplicity that echoes the kitchen and family room's wainscoting:

Turning toward the bedrooms, we at last find some blue and white, but it's not quite right:

In this room's case, just a little dab of blue will do:

Lastly, the master bedroom reinforces the whole house decorating plan.
Why so spartan?

When it could be so beautifully Swedish?

{Jeanetta Rowan-Hamilton/House and Garden UK}


River Road

On this sunny summer day I'll bring you daydreams of vacationing at a Shingle style 1925 house on a river.

River Road is in Toledo, Ohio on the Maumee River, with a view of Horseshoe Island. The porch overlooking the river is so picturesque, it reminds me of a movie set:

Specifically, the set for the movie Dan in Real Life

It was filmed at a rental house called Riven Rock in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  (Riven Rock--good fit for our River Road house, huh?) Be sure to check out Julia's post linked above for neat details about the movie and the house.

Of course a house like this would have a large living room, ready for games or just curling up with a good book.

This room needs multiple seating and games areas, like this:

{Victoria Hagan}

...but with a more traditional feel, like this:

{Tom Scheerer}

...and a little bit of a whimsical, gathered over time feel, like this:

{Coastal Living}

The kitchen already has a gathered over time feel, but it needs a little more cute factor:

How about a vintage style faucet, floor, and fat little drawer knobs?

{Michael Penney}

Or this, if you felt that maybe there are too many upper cabinets?

{via Stylish Eve}

Speaking of upper cabinets, the laundry room's got you covered:

Wouldn't it look sweet with a vintage-looking wallpaper and floor?

As for the shipshape master bedroom:

I like the idea of adding some age with a spool bed and layered rugs:

Finally, up to the third floor and another bedroom:

A bedroom that definitely needs that gathered over time feel, like this one:

{House & Home}

Of course, I can't just finish and leave you inside the house, pretty as it is, when the whole point of the house is this:

Hope you have a relaxing week, friends!