Holly Springs

Ho, ho, ho, we're home to Holly Springs, Mississippi (with a tip of a Santa hat to Jan Karon) today.
This house was built in 1858 on Randolph Street, which for the rest of the post, I'll refer to as Rudolph Street.

I think the photographer may have had a little too much eggnog before he took these listing pictures.

I like the exterior, but would be tempted add just a little more detail, especially with landscaping, like one of its neighbors has:

As for the interior:

I was reminded of Southern designer Ashley Gilbreath's house:

Yes, scallops of garland and ribbon, and just all kinds of beautiful bedecking are the order of the day.

Going in to the dining room:

More garland, and don't you just love the packages tucked into the chairs?

{House to Home UK}

As for the cute and cozy kitchen,

Ashley's had some experience in that department:

{Ashley Gilbreath}

There's nothing like a four poster bed to make you feel cocooned in comfort:

Unless you take that cocoon idea and run with it:

This room is definitely all set for a cozy long winter's nap.

Outside, open to the dining room, is a little courtyard patio:

The planter box just needs a little spruce-ing (get it?)

5th and state: Winter Containers......Ideas for DIY:

That wraps up our house hop to Holly Springs.  Speaking of wrapping, I'd better hop to it!

Watercolor Holly Topper: Polka dot paper, ribbon, colored papers, watercolor pencils, crepe paper, floral wire & tape:


  1. Vicki,
    I love this house, especially with Ashley Gilbreath changes. Was it just my computer mis-coloring the chandelier shades, or was there 3 different colors of shades? :-) I like the size of this charming home and would love to have one like it right here in Southern California! :-)
    Happy Holidays, Vicki!

    1. Hi Karen- Funny, I think you're right about the chandelier shades. Maybe they were getting a head start on holiday decorating for me! I do like this style of home- I'm sure there's a name for it. I'll have to look into that.
      Happy Holidays to you, sweet friend!

  2. Hi house is DRIPPING with potential. Love it! Your exterior tweaks are especially fabulous. I'm not sure I could have envisioned that. Thank you for sharing. So fun! (And holiday pertinent!) xo Kristy

  3. Vicki how beautiful! ! Thank you for sharing and for visiting my site! !
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Vicki how beautiful! ! Thank you for sharing and for visiting my site! !
    The Arts by Karena

  5. I so love that dining room you put in. My heart got stolen by the table.

  6. So lovely, and great resources! Have a Merry Christmas, glad I found your blog! xx Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  7. Bravo Vicki, you have the most fabulous ideas, especially for the outside of the house. Yes, I love the packages in the chairs... so cute.

    Happy New Year!!!


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