Pine Orchard

 You know the saying about a man's home being his castle?  I think today we might just prove it.
This house was built in 2001 with Crab Orchard limestone.  It's is in Smithville, Tennessee, home to the Smithville Fiddler's Jamboree and Crafts Festival every July.

When they built and furnished this castle, they weren't fiddling around:

 Finally, a proper place to display that suit of armor you've been lugging around.  
Or, maybe you prefer your iron to be leafy and scrolly:

{Courtney Giles Decker}

It's still a very romantic design, and the print brings a nice mystical quality to our castle.

The living room has lovely windows, but it's lost that loving feeling:

I'd say a room that would look lovely by candlelight brings that feeling on back:

{Robert Brown}

The kitchen is very nice, but doesn't currently fit the castle motif:

 How about marble walls and some armor in the way of a new vent hood?

 {source unknown}

Coming up the turret stairs we find this pretty bedroom:

It's pretty, but what is a castle without an romantic canopy?  Indulgence is key here.

{Gail Plechaty}

The large master bedroom has a fireplace and french doors:

Again, let's indulge, but in luxurious bedding and lighting:

{Gail Plechaty}

In addition to an unpictured stable, the property has an unfinished guest house:

My guess is, they were going for something more like this:


Yes, it's a little grand for a guest house, but I couldn't resist showing it you! (More indulgence.)

To top off the romantic feel of the place, there are not one, but two waterfalls nearby:

I think all that this property is lacking is a moat around it.  
A man's home may be his castle, but more importantly, a man's castle can be a beautiful home.


  1. Vicki,
    I really love the romance the architecture, especially in that first watercolor. It definitely needed your beautiful ideas to help it be a home anyone would love. I'd have to relegate the armored guard to the guest house! The kitchen is my favorite room, but then I always love a great kitchen. Thanks for taking us along on this tour. Wouldn't you just love to have a couple waterfalls on your property? :-)

    1. Hi Karen, Yes, wouldn't that be fun to just go and take a picnic to your waterfall? After deciding which one, that is. :)
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. That is some guest house and the home is so lovely. With your amazing ideas it became even more beautiful. I think the kitchen and the canopy in the bedroom are my favorites... :)

  3. Thanks for sharing such lovely decor.


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