Rainbow Drive

Hello!  No more playing hooky for me- it's back to Zillow I go!   Today we're visiting Carrboro, North Carolina, at the suggestion of reader Yvonne.  She described Carrboro as an old mill town now grown onto the side of Chapel Hill. It is funky and fun. That everything-old-is-new-again thing, a walkable community.

This house on Rainbow Drive seems the epitome of Yvonne's description.  Built in 2006 in traditional style, the house is in town, yet with mature gardens and a wrap-around porch. Everything new looks old again. 

The living room is already charming, with a hint of coastal decor.

Let's unfurl those sails and live large in the scale of the room. (Also beef up the moldings- that french door looks especially dinky.)

{Susan Zises Green}

We've got scale with the sailboat and topiaries, now let's think about layout.

Actually the layout almost works.  How about colors? 

I like this furniture arrangement, especially with it's sailboat-friendly color palette.

The living room was charming, but the den is a little sleepy:

This should wake it up:

{Brooks and Hill} (with Marshall Watson's throw pillows instead of red ones)

The kitchen is a perfect blank slate.  It just needs some colorful accessories, and perhaps...

... some decorative corbels, just for a little more architectural interest.


The breakfast nook is like the den- a little on the drab side:

Drab no more!  Keller Donovan doesn't do drab; he does traditional with a hint of coastal:

{T. Keller Donovan}

Moving upstairs, I want to take the existing decorating and expand on it:

Smaller telescope, but bigger decorating punch:

Oomph is right.  Those chairs make me want to do a happy dance.

Now, on to bedroom one:

Similarly to the living room, let's stretch the scale and play with the color palette:

{Phoebe Howard}

Bedroom two- second verse, same as the first.  (Well, except for the pretty bay window.)

The verse is similar, but a little more "sophistimicated", as my daughter used to say:

{source unknown}

Last, let's address that wrap-around porch I mentioned:

It definitely needs a swing!

{source unknown}

Now that's a porch that lives up the house's pretty interiors.

Yvonne also sent this cute image for Carrboro.


It says "It's Carrboro. You couldn't make this place up."  
Luckily for us Rainbow Drive is so livable, all we had to make up is if it were mine!


  1. Vicki,
    This is a charmer, especially with the blue and white touches you've selected. That living room, off the foyer, is possibly one of my favorite fresh, welcoming blue and white rooms.
    I'm happy you're back...I always look forward to your finds and the wonderful decor you find for them.
    Stay cool this week, I hear it's heating up again.

    1. Hi Karen- That living room really helped set the tone for the whole house. I liked how it feels coastal without being too theme-y. Yes, it's starting to get toasty again, but on the plus side, things dry practically instantly on my clothesline. :) Have a great week!

  2. I am really loving those warm blue colors, Vicki and your ideas for the hallway and wraparound are just divine. It's good to have you back, you were missed... :)

    1. Hi Dee, It's hard to go wrong with blue and white, isn't it? I thought the greens added some nice zing, too.
      Glad to read you've been having such a pleasant summer- hope you're still getting out and playing!

  3. Looks lovely! I have to admit, I'm not really a "blue" person, but that living room is fabulous!

    1. Hi Ellen, That room was such a lucky find. The rest of the house that Marshall did is very pretty- I linked to it under the picture.
      I think I need to do another post about Maine; your summer descriptions are so lovely. Have a good week!

  4. Blue is such a stylish color it works in every interior :) and your blog is very stylish to.

    Check out my new Londoner fashion post :)

    have a fab weekend dear.

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor


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