Griffith (and book giveaway!)

Happy Mother's Day!  Like I did last year, I wanted to find a house today that reminded me of my Mom's tastes, and I thought this classic beauty fit the bill nicely.

Griffith was built in 1921 and is in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Owensboro overlooks the Ohio River, and can boast that it has the world's largest sassafras tree.

Griffith, meanwhile, can boast about its beautiful hardwood floors and natural light:

{source unknown}

I love this transitional style for the living room.  It's tailored and elegant but has a touch of a coastal feel, as well.

The dining room shares the beautiful features of the living room: I looked to bring in an elegant coastal feel and found it:

The kitchen, while perfectly spic and span, brought me up a bit short...

...until I swapped the Z-brick for brick-shaped glass tile that fits our design brief:

{Griffin Custom Cabinets}

What sweet 1920's house is complete without a breakfast nook?

How about a sweet breakfast nook where linen napkins wouldn't be entirely out of the equation:


Now let's bring some of that coastal elegance to the master bedroom:

... to a guest bedroom:

{source unknown}

... and the guest bath:

{Melanie Turner}

Look, the towel bars are even in the same place.

Everyone likes the idea of an attic sanctuary, even if it starts out like this:

...because we dream that with some work, we can turn it into this:

This was fun for me to discover because I recognized the goose painting to be the work of Dawne Raulet Hall.  I remembered reading about her on on Sherry Hart's blog Design Indulgence.  Neat to see not just Dawne's painting, but her beautiful lake home featured.  Coastal elegance!

Fittingly, for a special Mother's Day treat, I'd like to give away a copy of blog friend Kristy Woodson Harvey's wonderful and brand new first book Dear Carolina.  

A moving debut novel about two mothers—one biological and one adoptive—from a compelling new voice in Southern women’s fiction.
One baby girl.
Two strong Southern women.
And the most difficult decision they’ll ever make.
Frances “Khaki” Mason has it all: a thriving interior design career, a loving husband and son, homes in North Carolina and Manhattan—everything except the second child she has always wanted. Jodi, her husband’s nineteen-year-old cousin, is fresh out of rehab, pregnant, and alone. Although the two women couldn’t seem more different, they forge a lifelong connection as Khaki reaches out to Jodi, encouraging her to have her baby. But as Jodi struggles to be the mother she knows her daughter deserves, she will ask Khaki the ultimate favor…

I'm halfway through reading it, and enjoying how it unfolds from the synopsis. Her characters have rich stories, themselves.  I'm especially appreciating Kristy's blend of both design and humor in the story, for example:
"As it turned out, I had been as right about Allen as I had about cornice boards.  They were both fine as long as they weren't in my house."
I'm drawn in, and can't wait to read just how Khaki's and Jodi's stories grow toward their resolution.

To enter the drawing for a copy, just leave a comment this week naming your favorite city and why I should feature it. (Sorry, U.S. entries only, please.)

 I'll randomly draw a winner and announce it in my next post.  
Good luck!


  1. McKinney Texas is my favorite. Loved how you did the dining room in this house. I'm struggling with a dining area, which I shared on my blog, and would welcome any ideas you have if you have time to drop by.'s ugly.

    1. Hi Sharon, I saw your dining area earlier this week and meant to tell you that I was jealous of that extra space, and all that natural light you have there. I love it when great rooms have room for a dining space/games table. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any ideas pretty enough to go with the rest of your house. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Carrboro, North Carolina. An old mill town now grown onto the side of Chapel Hill. It is funky and fun. That everything-old-is-new-again thing, a walkable community.

    1. Hi Yvonne, I liked that "You Couldn't Make This Place Up" slogan you sent-- I'll definitely check Carrboro's house listings. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing, Vicki! You're the best!! I can't wait to see who wins :) Obviously, I won't... But, Dear Carolina is set in Kinston, NC, where I live. It has some fabulous houses!! I appreciate you so, so much!! xo Kristy

    1. Hi Kristy, I know, you've certainly got me curious about Kinston now because of your house descriptions-- I'll definitely have to check it out. So neat to see all the great publicity the book is getting- yay for you!

  4. Bell Buckle, TN (no, that's not a typo. it really is Bell Buckle) is my vote for favorite city. It's an artsy little Victorian town with lots of beautiful old houses. I would love to see one featured on your blog. I always look forward to seeing just how you would renovate a real estate listing.

    1. Hi Gail, Ooh, Bell Buckle sounds right up my alley. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  5. Vicki,
    You always make me love the houses you select through your impeccable style. I like the change in floor color as well as each room and it's furnishings in the 'after' images.
    No need to put me in the drawing...I have read Kristy's book and plan a giveaway of it on my blog this week as well.
    A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Hi Karen, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your kids and baby Fae.
      I think our June gloom has come a little early to the Valley-- hope it's a little sunnier in your neck of the woods!

  6. Vicki, I couldn't take my eyes off of those gorgeous floors! They were beautiful and that breakfast nook looked so cozy.

    If you would have asked me my favorite city before I met my husband, my answer would have been different, but when he first took me to his home town in Sunbury, Pennsylvania 7 years ago to meet his family, I was hooked. It was so picturesque and quaint and I really enjoyed spending the day at his parents farm. I found out that Sunbury was named after an English village near London, England and was so different from where I grew up in Maryland. We're actually going for a visit again next month... :)

    1. Hi Dee, Sunbury sounds neat. I've enjoyed virtually exploring Pennsylvania before, with all those old stone houses, so I'm looking forward to checking Sunbury out. Thanks for the suggestion!


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