Spring City

Today's post is all about Spring and its official arrival later this week.  We're off to Spring City, Utah and this 1900 house.  It's noteworthy for being constructed with oolite, a type of limestone.  (I had no idea what oolite was, which is embarrassing considering I grew up 2 hours away from Oolitic, Indiana.  Wonder what kind of real estate they have there?)
You'll notice as we go that we're being inspired by the past, but making some pretty big changes, using a springtime fresh palette.  Here is the living room:

Yes, the woodwork is going white, but it's already white elsewhere in the house.  

{Better Homes & Gardens}

We also would have to relocate that white chair and give some thought to the fireplace,  but this gives us an idea what fresh colors can do for the space.

The dining room has a little more easy-fix potential for us:

I like how blogger Debra's slipcovers lighten her space.  The ceiling appears to have a bluish cast, which makes me want to paint ours light blue, to tie into that living room. 

Back to not-so-easy-fixes with the kitchen, although it does have a neat transom window and cute vintage stove:

{Better Homes & Gardens}

I think this kitchen is Spring City perfect, with the color palette and the possibility of keeping the existing cabinets and stove. 

Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms.

Spring City calls for birds, butterflies and blooms, don't you think?

Just look at how well the existing bathroom fits the scheme:

Here is a second bedroom, which I believe is the  master:

{Sarah Wittenbraker}

More birds, butterflies, and blooms, of course, and...

{Sarah Wittenbraker}

... a cozy sitting area where you can enjoy the first of your springtime blossoms.

Spring City is in honor of a different kind of Spring, but I figure they're just as happy about the change of season as the rest of us. Have a good week, friends!


  1. Vicki,
    I love the name of this town. I've never heard of Oolitic either. I'll have to google that. The house looks like a single-story from the front, but I can see from the bedrooms that it does accommodate the 3 bedrooms. I kind of like the "attic" feel of those room. As always, you've done such a beautiful job transforming this home into one I could be quite comfortable in. :-)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Spring (later this week),

    1. Hi Karen- I like the name Spring City, too. It really makes you think of those early settlers. It's always fun when I get a little history lesson, or in this case geology, when I find a pretty house. Happy Spring to you! Definitely feels like it around here, doesn't it?

  2. I feel happier already - just love the upstairs with all of the nooks, corners and rooflines…so charming!

    1. Hi Beth- I like your feel happier comment. I think that's an important element in decorating, and I can tell by the pretty things that you & Kristy feature that you feel the same way. :)

  3. Hi Vicki! Loved your comment about Spring :) So cute! This house has so much potential. I just love those attic bedrooms. Slants are the best.

  4. Hi Vicki! The dining room... I love that pretty blue ceiling and those slipcovers... yes! The bedrooms upstairs are just lovely and loaded with charm. I enjoyed all of your ideas for this Spring City house. Have a great week... :)


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