Pine Drive

Anyone up for a brisk walk around Christmas Lake along Pine Drive?  We can stop and admire this "famous gingerbread house," as the listing says.  This 1978 charmer could be nowhere else but in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Well, we've got the lake and a pretty pine tree, but our walkway between the house and the garage needs some Christmas cheer:

{Skona Hem}

Once inside, it's easy to see how the gingerbread house got its name:

What's not easy to see is the kitchen tucked back in the corner, but that means we're free to imagine it potentially looking like this:

This kitchen looks like a sweet fit. Plus, if you're going to have scallops all along your loft, you need to have some in the kitchen, too.

Again, it's hard to get a sense of the floor plan from the listing photos, but I think the area in front of the kitchen would make a nice dining space.  How cozy, tucked in by the fireplace like that.

That brings us to this mystery space, which I believe is the sunporch:

It definitely needs some cozy, especially of the Christmas variety.

{Pottery Barn}

Upstairs is this clean and bright skylighted bedroom:

Let's just it keep it clean and simple:

{Barbara Waltman}

Ok, clean and simple, and Christmasy!

{Barbara Waltman + Charlie Brown}

There.  Now before we finish our walk around the lake, we have one last thing to decorate: 

Now all of our gingerbread house is bedecked and be-bowed and we can get back to enjoying Christmas at the lake.  Hope you enjoyed our walk!



Hello! Waiting for us today is an 1850 Virginia home "ready for renovation," as the listing says.  

Once I saw this entry I was eager to see its potential as a Christmas cottage.

A little color switch-a-roo, and now it's as crisp as a candy cane.

The entry includes this stately staircase:

Of course a staircase like this needs a little Christmas garland:

{Phoebe Howard, garland by AttaGirlSays}

The kitchen, I'm afraid, is definitely ready for renovation:

But just look at the wow we could pack into the space:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

The house has two rooms with fireplaces across the hall from each other:

This room could be our dining room...

{Gil Schafer}

...beautifully ready to be set for Christmas dinner, while this room:

...becomes our cozy, period living room.

{John B. Murray}

Ordinarily the room would look like that above, but for Christmas, let's add in some of the wonderful antiques below:

Let's do the same in the basement, as well:

{source unknown}

We'll wrap up our tour in this cozy upstairs bedroom:

{Coastal Living}

Cozy and cute in our Christmas cottage.

Remember our recent tour of a reader's potential home for Yvonne's son and daughter-in-law?  Yvonne reports that they moved in right after Thanksgiving and are already at work making it theirs.
Here was the living room inspiration photo:


...and here is what they've done so far:

Pretty neat, huh?  The black door and tile look so sophisticated.  
Here's to lots of happy holiday memories in their new home!



Hello! Today's home is a 1924 cottage near Culver City's art district in Los Angeles.  

Come on in to the sunny living room:

Obviously we'd have to be mindful of scale, but I thought this arrangement and color scheme would perk up the place:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Yep, our fireplace would have to be painted white, but I think it could stand to be softened a little.

The dining room has a sweet built-in cabinet and the floors appear to be in good shape:

How about painting our cabinet to give it a little personality, and adding some simple style and charm?  Oops, just noticed the pumpkin in the inspiration photo.  Time to put that away!

The kitchen appears to have been updated fairly recently:

{Tobi Fairley}

This kitchen looks a little color-shy for a Tobi Fairley design, but its on-trend chrome drawer pulls are just what our kitchen needs.

Here is the first bedroom:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

This simple design would work well for us.  I think guests would be quite comfortable here.

The master bedroom has french doors to the backyard:

{Ina Garten via House Beautiful}

Again, a simple and comfortable design for a simple and comfortable cottage.

Now with this post, I've held off decorating for Christmas as long as I can.  There are too many cities with holiday names for me to restrain myself any longer.  
Stay tuned for some mistletoe and holly around these parts, soon!