Sunset Ridge Place

Hello!  Looking around the country for destinations today,  I thought we'd make our first stop in New Mexico.  This house in Albuquerque just lends itself to a beautiful Waterlogue image, doesn't it?  The   inside of this 1997 home doesn't disappoint either.

The home is open concept, with the dining room to the left of the entrance.

{Wiseman and Gale}

This image made me realize I have not featured enough red in my blog posts, nor enough block-printed fabrics.  This house has given me the fun task of correcting that oversight.  

But first, check out this gorgeous chandelier I found along the way:

Wouldn't it be pretty in our dining room?  Los Poblanos, by the way, is a historic inn and organic farm in Albuquerque that definitely looks worth a visit. 

In the meantime, though, we've more decorating to do!  On to the living room!

{Wiseman and Gale}

Yes, sharp-eyed readers, this is the living room adjoining our inspiration dining room.  It seems a natural fit for our living room as well.  Did you also notice the turned column is similar to the one in our dining room? (Scroll up if you don't believe me.)  I think I deserve a cookie for that.

This house also features a large breakfast room. 

{Joan Osofsky and Dana Simpson}

You know my thing for chairs, and the fact that these were red and have such great fabric on them makes them a stand-out for our space.  That table is pretty fabulous, also.

Upstairs I didn't bring as much red...

...but those beds with their artwork headboards make enough of a wow statement in this bedroom.

The master bedroom features a nice corner kiva fireplace.

{source unknown}

The bed facing the fireplace should be just as nice, with a great mix of linens in the room.

Finally, I think a key selling point for this home is this balcony with incredible views.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

More red chairs, pretty fabrics, and a wonderful napping spot should sell just about anyone on this home, if its great location didn't do it first, that is.

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4th Street, Independence


Yvonne's House

Welcome to another edition of If It Were Mine- for somebody else.  If It Were Theirs.  To be more precise, this cute home in Bridgeton, Missouri is a candidate for friendly reader Yvonne's house-hunting son and daughter-in-law.  Let's check out the possibilities for this well-kept 1973 ranch.

My first thought was something like this neutral but cozy space.  (The listing mentions hardwood floors under the existing carpet.)  Then I looked at the other side of the living room and had another idea.

You might have spotted this lovely dining room in Better Homes and Gardens recently.  I thought of it because Yvonne mentioned our house hunters have an inherited drop-leaf cherry table.  Since this house doesn't have a dedicated dining room, this is a great second option for the front room.  Put a  console table near the front door that could double as a buffet table, and they'd be all set for entertaining.

As for the kitchen, I just want to know why every listing I've featured lately has green walls like these:

Instead, I suggest Benjamin Moore Upper West Side on the walls.  This is the quick-change, budget friendly idea for this kitchen.  I added photo ledges for the couple's travel photos Yvonne mentioned.  I did add a wood panel to the front of the dishwasher- a possible source for actually doing that is here.    Basically I just want to balance the white of the appliances with more white throughout the room.

Here in the breakfast nook...

...you can see where I found inspiration for a space that's a nice blend of traditional and contemporary.

Lastly,  I wanted to include a bit of a stretch-goal for this kitchen, if it were remodeled and expanded into the breakfast nook space.  I think it would be neat to wrap open shelving around the windows and incorporate the refrigerator more into the design.  Something along these lines:

{source unknown}

The family room opens from the kitchen:

All I know is, our house hunters have a big tv, so I figured built-ins like this (hopefully configured with stock cabinetry) would be welcome for their tv and books.

As for the master bedroom...

{This Old House}

...I liked this creative nod to our well-traveled couple. 

I'm assuming they might turn one of the bedrooms into an office, as the previous homeowners have.

I'm also assuming they'll want to display more of their photo art in the space, and this gallery wall is a pretty spiffy way to do just that.

Finally, I have to show a happy Corgi in the listing's pretty backyard, in a final bit of imagination that this home  could indeed be the perfect house for this young couple.

Thanks for stopping by!
(I'm not sure what their Corgi actually looks like.)

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Olde Castle Loop

Hello!  Today we've meandered to Oxford, Mississippi, and this spiffy two year old home.

 The house is very open concept, and the front door opens into the dining area and living room.

Like the last post, we have an interior brick wall for character, but the color variation in those bricks contrasts too much with the paint color and wood floor tones.

I couldn't resist using the Benjamin Moore Visualizer to make it all flow a bit more smoothly.

You'll see why I chose those particular colors in a moment.

First, let's focus on the dining area:

I just want to quiet that corner down, as quickly as possible.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

I like how this design takes the focus off the brick wall and also brings texture to the floor.  I also like that the light fixture reinforces our change from bistro restaurant wanna-be to sleek and sophisticated.  It's gone from Chef Boyardee's dining room to Giada de Laurentiis'. 

Let's add a little of that polish to the living area:

I know, that's a piano, not a fireplace, but you see where I'm going with this.  

The bathroom is nice, but the finishes are a little standard:

{Angie Hranowsky}

This design gives the room the attention to detail that it needs.

Last we have the bedroom- not sure if it's the master or not, but it needs a little style and sophistication as well.

{Jason Urrutia}

There, that looks a little more comfortable, doesn't it?

This house may not be an Olde Castle, but it has the potential to be stylish and sophisticated all on its own.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome to fresh, modern country style in Wilmington, Delaware.  This 1900 home, while updated, still has plenty of nifty original features to play with.

Original features include this brick wall in the entry:

I like this very natural vignette against the brick wall.  I like the contrast of the glass bottles against the brick.  For the opposite wall, a simple black bench and some folk art, like this:

{Karin Blake}

Not to be left out in the nifty wall department, the living room features stone:

{Ginger Barber}

I'm a big fan of any room Ginger Barber designs, and want this perfect modern country furniture assortment and arrangement for our room.

The dining room might not have stone or brick, but it does have built in shelves.

Let's add kubu chairs, a farmhouse table, and...

{Loi Thai}

...beautifully accesorized shelves to make an unforgettable dining room.

The dining room opens to the kitchen.

{Karin Blake}

While we don't need that stylish range hood, we could certainly use those updated pendant lights, barstools, and wonderful country accessories.

Here is our office space at the top of the upstairs landing:

Now, on to the bedrooms.  

Finally, here's the wonderfully airy master bedroom:

{Country Home}

There we have it.  A house with good bones like this one makes it pretty easy to drum up some decorating possibilities.   Thanks for stopping by!

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