Summer Street, Springfield

Today's home feels like an old-fashioned summer retreat on the aptly named Summer Street in Springfield, Vermont.  It's an 1840 home with lots of spaces for you to curl up with a breezy novel. (Also, for those of you who care, and I hope there aren't many, this makes #10 on my Springfield challenge.)

Let's start it off our visit with a wow.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I could just end this post here and be satisfied!  

Ok, maybe not.  I'm pretty partial towards this living room design, too.

This, I like.  It's funny how we're basically reversing the original blue and white placement on the walls and trim, but it would really lighten the feel of the room.

Next, the dining room:

I know, this is a little brighter blue and more Swedish Country than our previous inspiration, but I think that this is prettily appropriate enough that you'll let me get away with it.  That chandelier alone should sway you.   (Plus, you know, there's a window seat and all...)

This house has more than one window seat!  Welcome to the library:

{Luxury Home Magazine}

Again, I would tweak this final design a little, with smaller, comfier chairs and a larger, bluer rug.
I was just so pleased with myself for finding this image in the first place- what are the odds of finding a paneled room with a spiral staircase similarly adjacent to a window seat, after all?

Want to see where this sort-of-secretive spiral staircase goes?  Of course you do.

It leads to yet another beautiful spot to curl up with your book, of course.

While we're upstairs, let's check out one of the bedrooms.

Finally, I just had to show you the sweet kitchen of this home.

I like that it hasn't been remodeled to become too contemporary for this house.  I would try to keep that cozy, old-fashioned feel and just polish it a little, like this:

{New England Home}

Lots of possibilities for this pretty retreat on Summer Street.  How fun would it be to curl up in that oval sunroom with some decorating daydreams?  

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Caroline Street

 Hi friends!  I found a little farmhouse in Creemore, Ontario, Canada that's been updated recently, but has kind of lost its way a little.  Let's see if we can bring a little freshness back to the farm.

{Marianne Cusato}

There we go.  Cute and country fresh.

On to the kitchen. First, I have to change that green paint.  I'm a big fan of green, but that particular paint color is EVERYWHERE in this house, as you'll see.  

Let's try a softer gray/green on some custom cabinetry, and a very cool table-turned-island.

I actually think the dining space is pretty cleverly designed:

This design, however, gives it a little more farmhouse flavor and personality.

As for the bedrooms, Harry Potter might be familiar with a bedroom of this size:

Had to change the bed's top blanket, at the very least.  Your toes would get tangled in the woven blanket they had.  I think this design looks a little friendlier, to boot.

I just checked and saw that this house has already sold.  Wonder if the new owners will keep the ubiquitous green paint or if they're feeling a little farmhouse freshness is in order, too?

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Some day I think I need to open a shop and call it "Beams and Linen".  I had to think of a search term besides "Rough Luxe" to describe the style that's so popular now, that's a little rustic and industrial and all about texture.  (Maybe Magnolia Homes/Fixer Upper style?)  Anyway, Pinterest seems to like "beams and linen".

We're going from the sweet florals of the last post to find beams and linen in this manufactured home in Hattieville, Arkansas.

You'll see why I have beams on the brain here in the kitchen:

{photo by Laurey W. Glenn}

Across from the kitchen are two bookcases flanking an office space.

I'd like to see them painted black or gray with simple accessories.

{Joanna Gaines- let's hear it for Fixer Upper Style!}

The iron and metal pieces are a nice connection to the kitchen light fixture and accessories. 

As for the office itself...

I know, that's really a kitchen, but look at the stools and that accordion mounted light!  (Lamps Plus has a similar light, here.) They're real eye-catchers, and I love the idea of mounting cabinets and a table like that in the office.

Here we go with some beams, linen, and iron accessories in the family room:

We can't forget the living room either (to the left in the picture below).  

Still beams and linen, just a little more dressed up for the house's first impression.

Imagine that the front door is where that curtain panel is.  (Yes, we'd move that chaise.)

Finally, let's check out one of the bedrooms.

How about a little inspiration from someone who is certainly familiar with beams and linen?

Pretty and tranquil, like everything Brooke designs, and the perfect spot to wrap up this post.

If all this has given you a hankerin' for Hattieville, here is the listing.  
As for me,  I'll be happily pinning these rooms to my beam-friendly board, here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hello! Today let's go to Derby (Connecticut).  This Derby house reminds me of a dollhouse, but it needs to be made pretty.  Let's turn this into a pretty starter home.

This room is what drew to me to Derby, because this room:

...could be this room:

Take that, narrow sunporch.  I'd rather look at beautiful botanical shades than my neighbor's windows any day.

Let's keep that pretty starter home idea in mind and move into the living room.

{Better Homes and Gardens/Pamela S. Porter}

That is a window seat in the background, and you know I don't miss an opportunity to feature them.
In this case it would really make the most of a small space.

Here kitchen, you need a little dose of pretty, too.

I have a bit of a design departure for the dining room.


I just wanted to include a bit of floral "wow" in here, and like how this design delivers that in a budget-friendly way.

I don't think the listing includes a bedroom picture, so we'll have this one fill in for us.

There we go- simple and very sweet.  Now our Derby dollhouse is all spruced up and ready to play.
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