Osprey Circle

Show of hands, who was hoping that I would find that horse ranch?  Well, I'm getting warmer. We're  still in Oklahoma-- Edmond this time, but it's not exactly the country mouse you might have expected today.

The dining room will give you evidence of that:

We might not have horses on the property, but we can have them in de Gournay wallpaper.
(Or a similar off-the-shelf paper, here.)

{Rabaut Design Associates}
The beautiful colors in the paper will set the scheme for the rest of the house, starting in the living room:

{Smith Hanes}

Love the colors in this room.  This design doesn't address the giant niche next to our fireplace, though.  I would go for a large screen over a console dresser, and by large screen I don't mean tv, although I guess you could hide the large screen behind a large screen.

I'm thinking of something like this, made from de Gournay wallpaper, with my mockup of the effect:

Let's check out the kitchen:

Not too shabby, huh? It even has the contrasting color island that just happens to coordinate with the other rooms' colors.  We don't need to add much here-- maybe a horse weather vane over the fireplace?

Ok, I know this vane is on a range hood, but I wanted to include a little of Alison of The Polohouse's style to this post, because I kept thinking of her lovely home throughout.  Her counter stools would also look great at our island.

Let's wrap up our tour upstairs in this charming bedroom:

You know I can't resist window seats.

{Cristina Keough}
Gosh, that's pretty.  For the rest of the room,  a canopied bed and more beautiful chairs.

{James Michael Howard}
Yep, our ceiling fan has to go. It's a small sacrifice for all this beauty, don't you think?

If you're interested in de Gournay wallpaper, there's a comprehensive story about them here.
If you're interested in this house, the listing is here.
Thanks for stopping by!

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3rd Street

  Hello! Today's search for a horse ranch to decorate took me meandering through the country and I ended up at a spiffy six year old townhouse in Oklahoma City.  So, today we'll be city mice instead of country mice.

Nice black interior doors. Yep, definitely city mice here.

{Jennifer Brouwer Designs}
We need a small and stylish vignette like this to the right of the doors, but I think we also need to carry the black over to the stairs.  

This balances the weight of the doors and jazz the stairs up a little.  (I love you guys, but you'll have to pay me better if you want me to virtually paint 18 tiny stair risers.) 

The living room already has black window muntins. 

Our living room has a loft feel, so even though it doesn't have the tall windows of the inspiration photo,  I think we could mount a tan shade above the actual window, and band it with that stylish black fabric. In lieu of the fireplace, a white console table would do the trick.  What's your take on the giant pasta spoon sculptures by the window?

Just to the left is the dining area, with its black pendant light.

Yes, for continuity I probably should have reversed this image, but you guys get that this would be on the opposite wall from the living room wall.  Combination office/dining areas are really increasing in popularity, and this is such a nice example.

Moving on, the bathroom has a contemporary Ikea sink, but not much else.

I actually found two designs that I like equally for this space.  Do you feel like tiling an accent wall?

Or would you rather install grasscloth wallpaper and wainscoting?

Decisions, decisions.

Before I wrap things up, I have to mention Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick with this post, for these 2 reasons:

She converted her dining room to this pretty library, and painted black doors to great effect in her own home.  It's impossible not to be inspired by her!

Thanks for playing city mouse with me!

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Hello and welcome to Elizabeth City, North Carolina today.  There's already some fun color in this charming house, so all we need to do is swoop in and decorate.

Here is the living room:

Ok, so we probably wouldn't panel our ceiling, but isn't it gorgeous? This room has a nice mix of color and a cozy feel, too.  Feel free to adjust the shade heights, if the mis-match is bothering you. 

The dining room is a nice extension of the living room.

This is from House to Home UK, and it's described as Rustic Gustavian.   My husband says that should be the name of the actual villain in The Usual Suspects.  Whatever it is, it picks up the colors from the living room, and the round Gustavian table would be a nice fit for the space.

Let's just swap out our room's light fixture for something with more character.

This is the Petit Manoir chandelier from Shades of Light, and its whimsy seems right on target.  

The kitchen is around the corner from the dining room.

{Better Homes and Gardens}
True confession time.  I used the Benjamin Moore visualizer to test this blue/green color on our before photo, and I didn't like it.  But, I was just so pleased to find such an appropriate inspiration photo that I'm including it anyway.  What do you think? Do you like the new color or would you leave it as is?

One place that could use more color is the laundry room:


Isn't it great when all you need is some fresh accessories to finish off a room?  I love those type of decorating projects. 

Last up is the master bedroom:

{DIY Network}

This room has a little deeper brown than our other rooms, but I thought the bedding would work nicely with the existing cocoa colored walls. 
I like how this house has the character of an older home, but with fun colors for today.  Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thanks, Karen, for the photo captioning inspiration. :)

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Broad Ripple

Hello! For Memorial Day weekend, this post could come from none other than Indianapolis, Indiana, home of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.  I found a house that's all ready for race day and a little traditional style.

Let's just add a little race day bunting before we slip inside...

I hope the previous owners left the black trim paint handy.

I think this room is from Country Living- if anyone knows, please share. I like this traditional style that reads modern country.  

Beautiful chandelier.  Nice that it stayed with the house. 

This room is from Country Living, and again is a nice blend of traditional and country. 

The kitchen has new butcher block counters.

Let's just give it a little personality.

This pretty kitchen was shown on Hooked on Houses. This is Ainhoa's kitchen, from one of Julia's neat posts on readers' kitchens.   That sweet pine table and chairs would look perfect in our breakfast area. The beadboard backsplash is another great feature to copy.

This bathroom is a nice, neutral blank slate:

It already has the tile wainscoting that seems to be popular now.  I would keep it neutral, and just add some traditional country style with art and accessories, like this herbier:

(image source: Cote de Texas)

Upstairs is this large bedroom with eaves.

I can see this sweet design by Alix Bragg Interior Design in that space. (If you like this room, you'll enjoy this portfolio.) I can see this room appealing to a few of my female family members, too- J, K, and C, I'm looking at you. 

There.  Now this house is all set for an Indy 500 party or Memorial Day barbecue.  Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

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