Good morning! Today's post is inspired by a blogger named Marian, more popularly known as Miss Mustard Seed.  For those who might not be familiar with her, Marian is a very popular and talented DIY-er, with her own milk paint line and interiors business.  She writes for HGTV, has been featured in design magazines, and has even written her own book! Busy girl!

Marian recently mentioned that she is looking for a new house, with room to accommodate her growing business. I thought it would be fun to take a peek at some beautiful properties in her area of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and to see if I could "Miss Mustardize" them in her signature style.

This is the Deardorf Homestead from 1827.  Here is the living room, with its wonderful pine floors and fireplace surround.

Here is what it could look like with a different palette:

This is by designer Nancy Fishelson, and I'm glad for the excuse to include it.  Nancy is a pro at creating simple & beautiful rooms.  I'm not sure if Marian would paint the mantel surround or not, although it does look like the wonderful type of finish she could achieve.  

Here is the period kitchen:

This kitchen is by Misiaszek Turpin.  I did "mustardize" it with Benjamin Moore's Cable Knit Sweater blue, and added Marian's painting done by artist Cindy Austin, but I love this big, open kitchen for the space.

There are lots of possibilities for this window-wrapped room with brick floors:

I envisioned this as Marian's office, inspired, as I have been recently, by the talented Brooke Giannetti. (What can I say, the girl's got talent.)

For the rest of Marian's burgeoning business, there's a large outbuilding.

Can't you just imagine the inside all set up for workshops, like Reinvented Vintage's space, (which has held Miss Mustard Seed painting workshops).

There's even a cute building on the property perfect for a gift shop.

This example of a lovely shop is owned by Karina Gentinetta.

Finally, in those rare moments when Marian rests, she could retire to this deck:

Done up in style, of course, as shown by Little Villa Vita.

This home certainly has a lot to offer.  I know that no matter where Marian ends up, her home will be a beautiful and individual expression of her style. 

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Meadow Lark Way

Hello! Our house hunt today was inspired by my daughter's cat (if you didn't think I was odd before…) and finds us in Pepper Pike, Ohio.  This house does have some furniture in it, but judging by the homeowner's love of color, I think she's a decorating kindred spirit and won't mind us spring boarding off her ideas.

See what I mean? I'm pretty sure I could be friends with this fearless homeowner.

Remember designer Robin Weiss' home that was featured in Traditional Home recently? 

Let's fill up the room with toile chairs that coordinate with our drapes, and a healthy peppering of white, for balance.

The dining room is on the other side of the foyer.

It's a fun, fresh green, but I think we need to link a little of the living room pink.

Designer Lee Ann Thornton to the rescue.

I think that balances the visual weight of the living room nicely. How are your painting skills? Those roses look fairly easy to freehand.

Keep those roses in mind for a minute as we check out the family room.

Very nice, huh?  It reminds me of this room by architect Gil Schafer.

There's our roses on the pillows and throw, with a little green to reference the dining room as well.

The landing upstairs is visible from the foyer.

Since it's visually connected to our other rooms, it needs a little of their pop, courtesy of architect James Wagman.

Let's change the cabinets to open shelves backed in beautiful emerald green, and add a desk shelf under the window. That perfect pink chair is the Alexandra Side Chair by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

You guys should know me well enough by now to make some predictions about the bedroom that would open off this landing.  Here is the cute before:

Just a few (uncredited) tweaks later, and we have a room fit for a princess.

This side of the room is by designer Tom Stringer:

You can't have too much of a good thing, and this room seemed like the perfect ending to a post where everything is coming up roses. 

Like colorful rooms?  Visit my related Pinterest board and the rest of this inspiring house


Honeysuckle Woods

If that sweet post title didn't give you a hint, we're in Clover, South Carolina again today, to look at this 1978 home that really is in the woods.

The living room has beautiful, large windows to take advantage of the view.

We'll center a lovely seating area around the fireplace, as McWilliam-Autore Interiors has done.

It looks like they pulled the colors directly from the woods outside. I like that mantel, too.  That would tie in nicely with our ceiling. 

The fireplace continues down to the lower level, so we can create a cozy seating area down there, as well.

This photo angle made me think of Stacy of Red Door Home's basement renovation, when it was featured in Better Homes and Gardens. 

I'd like to change the wall divider in the bar area to look like Stacy's shelves above.  Then, for the fireplace area, I took my cue from her former living room.

I would love to duplicate her fireplace surround, but I'll settle for some slipcovered chairs and her pretty accessories.

Returning back upstairs, let's see how we can tie the dining room into our scheme.

This room, on Lowe's site, shows how to add molding over wall mirrors, which is a nice look. The round dining set fits nicely in our space.

The master bedroom also has great french doors to the garden.

This bedroom (image reversed) by designer Suzanne Tucker just seems like it belongs at Honeysuckle Woods.  Again, the colors seemed pulled from the trees outside, and it's hard to go wrong if your designer is Mother Nature. (Anybody else thinking of that old Chiffon Margarine ad now?)

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Hello! Today we've wandered to Winnsboro, Texas, near Lake Winnsboro and Little Sandy Creek. Come on in to the family room:

This house is nice and straightforward, without a lot of decorative detail, so we'll take our cues from that.

This room is actually from a rental house in Cornwall, and it sets the right mood with simple, clean-lined furniture and a quiet palette. Yep, we're painting the paneling, and you'll see why when we check out the dining area.

Isn't that shelving unit awesome?  I love how customized and organized it is, and the gray-green color coordinates nicely with the family room.  I was inspired to add shelving on that wall by Jennifer's kitchen at The Old Painted Cottage blog.

This is Jennifer's dining area. Her shelving is such a nice use of the space, and luckily for me, her kitchen also is similar enough to this one to provide beautiful inspiration for us.

It's nice and fresh and white, and still relies on a neutral palette with lots of texture for interest.  Let's see  if we can continue that idea in the bedroom decor.

I like this simple but layered design. We could keep the paneling unpainted, and even keep the green carpet, if we coordinated the ottoman and bed pillow with it. 

I always admire neutral rooms when they're layered with lots of shapes and textures. This house doesn't need a lot of fuss- it just wants to be interesting and comfortable, like our inspiration photos. 
Thanks for wandering Winnsboro with me!


Berry Creek

Hello! I have a treat for us today. We're looking at a house that is still being built in Georgetown, Texas, so we're going to swoop in there and personalize it while we have the chance.

The house features this 2 story living room with a corner fireplace.

While we've got the scaffolding up, we're going to stop the decorative niche in progress. Looks like it has a decorative tile artwork center, which is nice, but too restrictive from a design standpoint.

Here's what Alice Lane Home did in a similar room.

Isn't this pretty? If we weren't able to prevent the niche in time, (nick of time?) at least that striking artwork would cover it. The chunky mantel also helps bring down the scale of the room.

Here's the kitchen in progress.

This kitchen, by a builder in Washington, gives us a pretty good idea where the room is going. 

Once again, we're going to play "Pick Your Kitchen" and I'll give you 3 choices.
The pretty Tuscan kitchen above is #1.

This white kitchen is #2. It's very similar to Brooke Giannetti's Santa Monica house, except her pantry door was custom finished to look like old pine. I'm just saying. Don't let that sway your vote, even though it should.

Here's #3, with a lovely gray finish, similar to Sally Wheat's kitchen that I showed before. Again, don't let my name-dropping influence you.

All three will go well with the island's stone surround, but I have to say, I like that #2 and #3's cabinets are level at the top, and don't have room for knickknacks on them. It's just a cleaner overall look.

Let's pop upstairs. I have one more issue to address while the house is still being built. Can you guess what it is?

Yep, it's the vanity. Let's stretch it a little to fill the space it's in, like this one, featured by Better Homes and Gardens.

Ah, that's better.  Now, what to do with the bedroom?

Once again, let's turn to Alice Lane Home. They know what they're doing in new houses like this.

 There we go. We slipped in and put our two cents in before the paint was even dry on the walls.
As always, feel free to check out my related Pinterest board for more possibilities for this house and others. Thanks for reading!