Meadow View

Today we're bringing a little of France to sunny Phoenix.  Phoenix, Oregon, that is.  April Fool!
Let's kick it off in grand style with Better Homes and Gardens.

Now this is decor worthy of that window. 
I'm not sure why the listing featured the entry closet, but since it's part of the living room, I'm going to French countrify it, with a little help from Disc Interiors.

Et voilà! C'est bon, no? (Don't worry, that's all the French I can attempt.)

Here is another corner of the room, with a pair of fauteuil chairs, weathered blue chest and mirrors, by Charles Faudree.

The kitchen is a nice blank slate just waiting for us.

I want to add a little French country to it, without changing it too much or going too theme-y. 

No, I'm not going to change it this much, but I like how this kitchen by Liedssen Kitchens is very simple, but still feels very European. There's not even a rooster in sight!

To make our kitchen feel more French Country, I just added paint, tile behind the stove, and glass cabinet doors. I also would replace the pot lights with hanging pendants, like the inspiration kitchen, but my photoshop skills aren't quite that good. 

If you're curious, the island is Benjamin Moore's Rooftop Garden & walls are Dusty Miller.

Here are our barstools, the Constance barstool by Ballard Designs, because here is the rest of our kitchen.

This is the Blair kitchen collection from Ballard, and seems like a good spot to wrap up this post, over one of those wonderful fruity drinks, above. 

Did you enjoy this Phoenix, Oregon April Fool mix-up? This might be a good week for little place name surprises like that. Gotta keep you guys on your toes! Thanks for reading!


Secret Cove

How mysterious- Secret Cove. This Secret Cove is hiding in Sugar Hill, Georgia, and has been since 1987.  It sounds like a Nancy Drew title, doesn't it- The Secret Cove of Sugar Hill?

It's no secret that you'll like this house, starting with its shelf-lined living room.

Get out your white paint, we're taking inspiration from designer Holly Mathis, who I think grows more popular and even more talented on a daily basis. Read her blog- you can't help but be impressed.

Here's a little something for the window wall to make this house live up to its name.

A secret door! Ok, I know that's hardly the average DIY project, but I couldn't resist. (If you want to see an actual secret door like this, Betsy Speert showed one recently.) Don't you like the way the light shows through the carvings on the bench? Makes it look more light-hearted than ornate.

Here's the other side of the room:

I like that this a true living room library. Gives a purpose to what might otherwise be an underused space.  Here is what Elle Decor has for this side.

We'll be carrying that russet color from this chair and Holly's and from the secret door drapes through the house, starting with the dining room.

Some unfortunately uncredited russet color coming up!

Aren't those chairs awesome? I know, there I go with my chair thing again. How about a light fixture thing, because I want it to be this one, which goes with the chairs:

It's the Alita Champagne Drum Pendant from Uttermost, although I've seen it from other sources. I've liked this light ever since Sarah Richardson used it for a home office on Sarah's House 1

Does Mom like that russet color as well? I hope so, because this house has a in-law suite just for her.

This was designed by Myra Hoefer, and is pretty enough for Mom, while neutral enough for guests. 

Well, the secret's out. This is a great house. I feel that way about all the houses I feature, though. Stay tuned for another great one, inspired by touches of French Country.
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Tomahawk Creek

Hello! Let's go to Leawood, Kansas today to embellish a stylish condo built in 1996.

This one is move-in ready for us, down to the paint colors. Don't you love it when that happens? 

Isn't this pretty? This was from a tour of Amy & Greg Strunk's home on apartmenttherapy.com. The furniture arrangement is perfect, and I thought it was a nice way to add traditional style to a contemporary space.

At the end of the living room is the kitchen and dining area.

With some reconfiguration, we can add this, from Better Homes and Gardens.

It will bring in more of that traditional style to this side of the room.

The bathroom is already painted a very stylish slate blue.

A few accessories and a pretty shower curtain later, we have this, just like the one decorated by Bryn Alexandra. 

Here we go with just a little style added to the bedroom, inspired by Tobi Fairley.

Nice that the coral accent color in the bathroom is carried into the bedroom, and look, the pillowcase embroidery even matches the shower curtain. 

And there we have it. This house came together in a snap. Just like in real life, sometimes it takes forever to find inspiration, but then other times the perfect thing is just waiting for you.

I'll leave you with that deep thought for now. Where to next?  It's a Secret.  ;)
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Today we're visiting an A-frame house near Wall Lake in Delton, Michigan.  As you know, I like a challenge, plus, it reminded me of this blast from the past:

Don't worry- this isn't where we'll get decorating inspiration.  Instead, let's turn to Amy Butler.

An A-frame house is often a second home or vacation house. That gives us a good excuse to think outside of the box (rather literally) and have a little fun. Although Amy's house isn't an A-frame, the furniture layout and style work for us. For reference, here is the actual living and dining space. 

I do like the pine ceiling, but it would feel a little lighter and less dominant painted white, since it comes down so far into the room. Then, running the Amy Butler wallpaper under the wall boards will still give us great graphic impact. 

The kitchen already has nice graphic impact, it just needs a few tweaks.

See how the woodgrain of the cabinets seems to compete with the backsplash, rather than compliment it? Let's imagine some cabinet re-surfacing or painting options.



or Ebony?

What's your preference? Each would look good with the tile, and I think those long chrome drawer pulls are a must, no matter which color we choose.

Here's one of the bedrooms that is just waiting for a little graphic impact.

Again, let's paint the ceiling white to open up the space.

This design was featured in At Home in Arkansas, and I love how airy it is. That glimpse of chandelier is intriguing me. Let's just add a little bit of fun to the room with Amy Butler fabric. 

Well, I guess I did draw some inspiration from Fisher-Price's happy colors, but at least there's no banana yellow bunk beds. 

Hmm, I seem to be posting a lot of vacation homes lately. I guess I've got Spring Break on my radar, although that won't happen here for a few more weeks. At least we always have pretty pictures and awesome houses to daydream about!
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Hello! If you found my blog through Hooked on Houses, welcome! Isn't Julia awesome?  Her blog has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

Come on along to explore a mountain home today, in Julian, California. 

The first step is lightening up this room and referencing our surroundings a little, as in this photo by Sandbox Studio.

Why did I choose this? Because this house also has this living room:

Which could look like this, inspired by Muskoka Living Interiors:

Since we don't have a fireplace in this room, we could have the entire wall unit be cabinetry, as they have here, featured by Better Homes and Gardens.

In either case, the furniture arrangement works well in our room, and actually either style would be appropriate for a mountain home.  Light or dark? Don't you love it when I give you options? I'm not always bossy pick the first one. 

A mountain home also means natural stone and wood finishes in the bathroom. It just does. Here's our before:

Here's our after:

Pretty sleek, huh? I didn't even have to photoshop in the view. This mountain retreat has one bath, so I say, let's do it up right.

The listing doesn't show any bedrooms, so let's just imagine one. House Beautiful, what do you have for us?

Nice. It even includes some trendy antlers that definitely reference our surroundings.

I think I could retreat here quite easily, how about you? 

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