Agoura Hills

Hi friends!  Today we're going to Agoura Hills, California and this 1974 home on Malibou Lake.  For those fans of the TV show Parks and Recreation, Malibou Lake is the film location of Donna's lake house.  There's a great post about that here.

Beautiful setting, but we're more interested in this beautiful house.  Let's check out the living room:

Nice stone fireplace.  This room just needs to be opened up more to the lake view.

This design a good fit.  I know it's a perfect fit, actually, because this is what they did when they remodeled this house.  Welcome to another episode of If It Were Mine  I Would Do Exactly What They Did.  

You guys have to see how they remodeled this kitchen.  It's gone from this:

To this:

Somebody was clearly looking at the kitchens we've all been pinning on our Pinterest boards, and they executed it perfectly.

Here's some more before and after shots:

And, just in case you never paid attention to how much a barstool can impact a design, check out this archived photo with director's chair-style stools.

They're still a good choice,  but I like this streamlined look better.

I would totally act like I was in a Nancy Meyers movie if I owned this kitchen.

There's no before photo for the dining room, but it would be forgettable anyway, compared to this:

A live-edge dining table AND a window seat.  Yes.

Here is the master bedroom's before and after:

This photo was probably taken with a wide-angle lens to make the room appear larger, but even so, they've definitely improved the space.

Here is the master bathroom:

Here is another bedroom before and after:

I'm not positive that's the same room, but no matter, because it's still pretty enough to share.

All in all, this house would be a spectacular retreat for someone who has saved their pennies. 

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  1. Are there any other photos of the Master Bath shower? The floor looks interesting, as if there is a pattern on the floor in the tiles.

    Love the blog!!

    1. Good question, Kirstin-- I've updated the post to include a photo that shows the tile pattern and the other side of the bathroom. Neat how they carried the inset pattern into the shower as well.

  2. Vicki,
    Wow, I love, love, love the living area and kitchen they remodeled. You're right, that kitchen is spectacular. I prefer the streamlined look of the bar as you've shown us. The director chairs are great but too contemporary and a little bit distracting from the beauty of the kitchen for my taste. Wouldn't it be great to live on a lake?

    1. That kitchen reminds me of some of the kitchens you just featured-- especially Ina Garten's. Yes, it would be wonderful to live on a lake. If I could just find one in good commuting distance, I'd be all set! :)

  3. What a fabulous home. I have to say that my two favorite rooms are the master bedroom with those amazing French doors and that dream kitchen... wow! I'm not sure if I could ever save enough pennies for that place, but it sure would be nice... lol.

    1. I know-- this is the kind of house that makes you want to buy a lottery ticket! :)

  4. LOVE! That master bedroom is so gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Kristy. I thought this house might be popular as soon as I saw that kitchen. :)