Hello and Happy Labor Day! Today's post finds us in Tiverton, Rhode Island in a little pink house for you and me.  It was built in 1875.

My thinking is, if you're drawn to this sweet house in its happy color, you're not going to leave your entry looking like this:

I think a design like this might just be the ticket:

{Country Living- with original Benjamin Moore Coral Essence chairs repainted Seaside Sand}

Little pink chairs for a little pink house, and a bright and happy wall color.

Here is the dining room:

{Katie Rosenfeld}

This design is like a scaled-down version of design team Diamond Baratta's work.  It has a nice air of casual drama.  It's a Julia Roberts dining room instead of a Bette Davis one.  

As for the living room...

We can continue the same bright and clear paint theme, but just soften it, since this room gets the most use.  I'm not sure who designed the room above, but it reminds me of Phoebe Howard's work, so we'll use her as inspiration for the other side of the room:

{Phoebe Howard}

The kitchen is pretty fabulous as it is. 

I just couldn't resist adding a window valance to tie in the colors from the other rooms.

Now to wrap things up, here are our clear and bright bedrooms:

{Country Living}

{Serena and Lily}

 Before they listed this home someone thought to freshen up every room with the same shade of neutral gray, but where's the fun in that?  Instead, we've given this little pink house a fresh and individual look of a well-loved home.

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  1. So pretty! I love all of the color. It's so fresh and fun!

  2. Vicki,
    The house feels like it could be in the west coast with all the fresh color and plenty of light. I cracked up...more of a Julia Roberts and Betty Davis room. The Phoebe Howard room is beautiful.
    Enjoy the short week!

    1. This is another happy house, that's for sure. Hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend, Karen!

  3. I loved your ideas for this house. That entryway is amazing and perfectly compliments the exterior of the house. I'm really liking the green and blue wall colors in the downstairs rooms, too. Oh and that pretty valance in the kitchen was definitely the cherry on top... :)

    1. I like that valance a lot, too. The interiors were just too neutral for that cheerful exterior, that's for sure. :)

  4. That is one cute house! And it looks like it is in immaculate condition. You are right. It would be fun to decorate!



    1. It doesn't get much better than having a fresh, blank canvas to decorate. :)
      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila!


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