Olde Castle Loop

Hello!  Today we've meandered to Oxford, Mississippi, and this spiffy two year old home.

 The house is very open concept, and the front door opens into the dining area and living room.

Like the last post, we have an interior brick wall for character, but the color variation in those bricks contrasts too much with the paint color and wood floor tones.

I couldn't resist using the Benjamin Moore Visualizer to make it all flow a bit more smoothly.

You'll see why I chose those particular colors in a moment.

First, let's focus on the dining area:

I just want to quiet that corner down, as quickly as possible.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

I like how this design takes the focus off the brick wall and also brings texture to the floor.  I also like that the light fixture reinforces our change from bistro restaurant wanna-be to sleek and sophisticated.  It's gone from Chef Boyardee's dining room to Giada de Laurentiis'. 

Let's add a little of that polish to the living area:

I know, that's a piano, not a fireplace, but you see where I'm going with this.  

The bathroom is nice, but the finishes are a little standard:

{Angie Hranowsky}

This design gives the room the attention to detail that it needs.

Last we have the bedroom- not sure if it's the master or not, but it needs a little style and sophistication as well.

{Jason Urrutia}

There, that looks a little more comfortable, doesn't it?

This house may not be an Olde Castle, but it has the potential to be stylish and sophisticated all on its own.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I would move right in after your redo - some of my favorite rooms!! The bathroom with the gold hardware and sconces is gorgeous!!

    1. It's funny how the right inspiration can make such a big difference. I agree, I like how the bathroom is fairly simple, yet so pretty.

  2. Vicki,
    I think your redo has a distinct Barbara Barry flair to it. So much better than the red and white brick. Very pretty.

    1. I hadn't thought about it, but you're right, Karen, it does feel like Barbara Barry's designs, especially those legs on the dining chairs. Now I wish I had included some inspiration from her! :)

  3. I am in love with the living room. That piano is fabulous and steals all the attention. I will say you did an excellent job of making that home sophisticated... :)

    1. I'm just a sucker for the 4 chairs arranged around a center coffee table. I don't know how it would function for everyday living, but it just looks so great for entertaining.

  4. This is so sophisticated and stylish. There's a bookstore in Oxford that I'm dying to go to for a signing and seeing this lovely home just reinforced how much I want to go! Lovely picks as always, Vicki. You have the best eye!