Hopeton Road tour

I found a beautiful home for us to tour today in Wilmington, Delaware.  It was built in 1927, and has managed to retain its historical feel although decorated in a fun, contemporary way. 

How do you know when a house listing is special?  When it features the house's matching birdhouse. 

Come on in!

As luck would have it, the listing included some older photos of the house.  See what you think of the decorating updates.  Here's an older, "before" photo of the living room:

Here is that same living room today:

Here is the family room before and after:

Finally, here is a bedroom before and after:

Quite a difference, huh?  Very nice before, but pretty stunning after, I think.   I don't have before photos of the following rooms, so just sit back and enjoy them on their own.

Wonderful dining room.  I like how it continues the tangerine color from the other rooms.

My guess is that the homeowner is a photographer/artist.  What a creative workspace!

Lovely Moroccan feeling lounge for the grownups, and wonderful "Imagination Station" for the younger set.

Check out this nautical nursery:

That crib is awesome, isn't it?  What a fun family heirloom that would make!

The porch is just as interesting as the house's interior:

What great attention to detail inside and outside this house.   Definitely someplace special, and such a treat to find the listing.  Thanks for touring it with me!

Update- I was curious about who decorated this beautiful home, and found that it was Delaware's 2013 Oxford Decorator Showhouse.  Click here for the history of the home, and a list of the Showhouse designers.

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  1. Looks to be an incredible property. The updates are truly amazing.

    1. I know- I was kind of relieved to find out that it was a showhouse, because I couldn't get over the level of detail in every single room. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I want a matching bird house. That crib is amazing.

    1. Isn't that birdhouse such a cute idea? It would be a perfect momento to take with you if you ever moved, too.
      Thanks for touring with me! :)

  3. This home is just adorable -- with great potential! Love seeing all these lovely things! xo Kristy

    1. Sometimes I find Showhouse rooms to be a little too over-the-top, but these designs seem very livable, and you're right, with great potential to add your own stamp.
      It was too good not to share!

  4. What a fun house. I really like the matching birdhouse. It is still a little over done to me, but after you explained that it was a showcase house it all made sense. I agree, it actually seemed a little underdone for a showcase house.
    Fun post, as per usual.

    1. I know, it just looks more detailed than the average homeowner would decorate, doesn't it? (But maybe not more than a design blogger...) :)
      That's what intrigued me about it. That birdhouse alone is such a work of art.

  5. That house is just simply amazing! Everything looks elegant and richly decorated. The tangerine color really looks inviting and comfortable, a trait I would definitely like in my dream home. Thank you for sharing those awesome pictures! All the best to you!

    Justin Garrett @ BuzzHomes

    1. It was definitely a treat to find this home in the listings, that's for sure. Thanks so much for visiting, Justin!