Logan Village Shopping Trip

Hi friends!  I thought I'd bring you along shopping today, and have fun imagining the perfect setting for various finds, if they were mine.

It's sort of like when you tell yourself that you won't buy something unless you have a place for it.  Well, we're finding places for it.

On one of my first stops, I spotted this dresser, painted in a cute finish in the way so many creative bloggers are doing these days.

This could work in a lot of places, but especially in a bedroom.

I think the dresser would be quite shipshape in this space, don't you?

Next, some great corbels in a nicely weathered finish. 

Why, these are island supports, of course, ala Sarah Richardson...

...or ala Layla Palmer:

Even just using those corbels as art or bookends would look great, and speaking of books, here's an old chicken roost.

Don't see the book connection?

And look, Pottery Barn likes the corbel as artwork idea, too.  Our roost would feel right at home in a playroom like actor Hank Azaria's:

{Architectural Digest} (Does the fact that the bins are randomly numbered bother anyone else?)

...but it would feel especially at home here:

Although, too much roosting may cause sensitivity to dawn and sunlight.

As for me, I'd rather perch on something like this neat find:

In a room similar to this one:

{Better Homes and Gardens}  (I believe this is Caroline Verschoor's home?)

One last neat item before we go is this basket:

Because of this room inspiration:

{Pottery Barn}

That was fun imagining settings for all of those great finds.
When it comes to justifying your need for something when you're shopping:

(Yes, I bought that, too.)

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  1. What a fun shopping spree. Love the basket and perfect in so many places. Love the bunk room and a beautiful corbel makes an island…love the antique ones!

    1. Yes, someday I want to have a place for corbels- they wouldn't work on my island, and I don't have another appropriate spot for them. I'll have to re-think that accessory idea, because they have so much character.

  2. What cute finds! Looks like a great shopping trip. I love that little chicken coop loft :)

    1. Isn't that fun? I also thought it would be cute set up as a grocery/vegetable stand for kids. Lots of possibilities....

  3. Vicki,
    Well, that was fun! I really like the vintage corbels and the nautical bunk bedroom needs that white and red striped chest. The room with the stone floor and wall is rustic and wonderful, I've always wanted a stone wall in my house.

    1. It's funny how just imagining how something could work somewhere for someone keeps me from thinking I need it in my home! Kind of like how I am with these houses, I suppose. :)


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