Little Lulu

Hello!  I'm still on vacation this week, so I have one more house tour to show you before we get back to mining more "if it were mines".  This magazine worthy home in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Take a stroll through and I'll meet you at the end.

Quite nice, wouldn't you agree? I especially like the stairway mural, the kitchen, and the sunporch. I think Little Lulu has grown up to be quite sophisticated. What was your favorite room?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Vicki,
    I love the beams in the kitchen and the overall feel of this house. The library(?) is probably my favorite room, I can see myself working on the computer in that room, while sipping tea and listening to music. Don't tell the realtor, isn't that the sign of a true buyer, when they can see themselves in the house? :-)

    1. I won't tell- we don't want to look too eager. :) That would be nice to sit by those sunny windows while blog-hopping with some music.