Hello! Today let's go to Derby (Connecticut).  This Derby house reminds me of a dollhouse, but it needs to be made pretty.  Let's turn this into a pretty starter home.

This room is what drew to me to Derby, because this room:

...could be this room:

Take that, narrow sunporch.  I'd rather look at beautiful botanical shades than my neighbor's windows any day.

Let's keep that pretty starter home idea in mind and move into the living room.

{Better Homes and Gardens/Pamela S. Porter}

That is a window seat in the background, and you know I don't miss an opportunity to feature them.
In this case it would really make the most of a small space.

Here kitchen, you need a little dose of pretty, too.

I have a bit of a design departure for the dining room.


I just wanted to include a bit of floral "wow" in here, and like how this design delivers that in a budget-friendly way.

I don't think the listing includes a bedroom picture, so we'll have this one fill in for us.

There we go- simple and very sweet.  Now our Derby dollhouse is all spruced up and ready to play.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ellen! So glad you're enjoying it!

  2. Hi Vicki,
    What a great starter house. The rooms you selected are functional and make great use of the space. I like the multi-purpose dining space where there are small appliances and cutting boards on the side board. Fun house, it does remind me of a doll house architecturally speaking.

    1. Hi Karen, I liked that dining space, too, and how they made it so stylish, even though it looks like they need it for more kitchen space. It was fun to keep doll house in mind when I picked the rooms.

  3. What wonderful inspiration - love the kitchen you chose and the living room is so charming!

    1. Thanks! That living room was featured in a "beauty on a budget" type story and I was lucky that the layout worked well, because I really wanted to use it somewhere.

  4. You find the prettiest rooms to feature on your blog! That first photo takes my breath away. I'd be sitting in that chair all the time!

    1. Isn't that pretty? I could see that being a perfect little Mom cave.