2nd Street

Hello and welcome back to Independence, Kansas.  It's so nice, we'll visit twice.  I had such a good time looking at many large, old homes along the Verdigris River, and landed on this one to feature, too.  This home dates from 1901.

Here's the rather traditional front living room/parlor:

We can keep the chandelier, but we'll be shaking up the traditional parlor feel a little.

Let's have the color in the furniture and accessories instead of the wallpaper.  

Look what I found for our stairway area:

Pretty, don't you think, and a nice way to continue our color up the stairs.  Before we do that, though, let's peek into the dining room:

How fun are those orange chairs?  Don't get me started talking about that chandelier, because it is awesome, and would look great in our high-ceilinged room.

Ok, now we can go upstairs.

I love that this room- I believe it's the master- has its own private space with french doors.

We can take our cue from Elissa Cullman and turn it into a cozy retreat.

Our last room is this rather traditional, rather eggplant bedroom.

Have you had your coffee yet?

{Elissa Cullman}

I know, this room is a bit of a departure for me, but I had so much fun browsing Elissa Cullman's work, (and putting her book on my wish list) that I just had to include it.  I like the whole room, but the bed especially is a keeper.

This house has gone from a little sleepy to a happy place with a lot more color and energy.  Hmm, wonder if I'd have more energy if I took some cues from here?  Have a great day!

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  1. Loved all the rooms, but especially the blue bedroom. Think I have found my color for our master. You do a fabulous job of translating the look of finished rooms to drab boring ones. I know I've said this before (probably too many times), but you inspire me.

    1. That blue bedroom is pretty. That would be fun to coordinate the bedding and the wall color like the designer did. I was really inspired by her-- I was going to use shades of lavender originally. If I stood in the house, I'd probably go in another direction, yet. :)

  2. These would be wonderful transformations - love the Tracery Image, and the bedroom…gorgeous!

    1. That bedroom would be pretty anywhere, wouldn't it? I have yet to see a design by Tracery that I didn't want to include somewhere-- :)

  3. Vicki,
    I never think of using orange until I see some of the knock out rooms you've shared. I love the curb appeal of this house.

    1. Funny, I'm the same way about orange, but it keeps that room from being too old-fashioned feeling, I guess. That would be fun to take that quilt to the paint store and match some different combinations, depending on the mood you wanted for the room.
      Independence has a lot of neat old houses. It's been on my someday must-visit list, because of Little House on the Prairie for a long time.