Roddy Bridge Road

Here we go, readers- from an 1896 schoolhouse in the woods to a brand new house in a brand new subdivision.  A little something for everyone this week!  This time we're in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, about 40 minutes south of Nashville.

Come on in!  Everything's all nice and new and waiting on you.

Let's call the electrician back for a minute- he forgot to install the foyer sconces, and our foyer is just asking for them.  The finish carpenters can then put up the wainscoting, since it'll look pretty across from our white French doors.  Actually, I've noticed this style of wainscoting is popular for DIY'ers, so maybe that's an option for a long weekend.

Our front entrance has some style now, so what about our mudroom entrance?

Nice storage here.  We could always hang a mirror over the cabinet, to check our appearance on the way out, but I'm thinking a busy household can never have too much storage.

{Outback Finish and Trim}

I think cubbies above the cabinet would be much more practical. 

This builder liked the idea of these built-in cabinets, and put one in the dining room, as well.

Again, lots of options here, but I'm thinking about storage again.

I like the idea of the thick shelves over the buffet. Again, it seems to be popular to DIY, and it's a nice, open and clean look.  I'm also a fan of that round dining set and rug, because they'd fit really nicely in our square space.

Like a lot of newly constructed homes, the family room opens off the kitchen and dining room.  

Here is a nice and neutral look for this space, that coordinates with the foyer and dining room.  I like the symmetrical tables under the side windows.  

Now for the room that all of these rooms are also open to- the back porch:

Let's just say that the grill is built in at the other end of the porch.  I think this design continues the transitional style of the rooms around it nicely.

That's a nice place to stop and enjoy an outdoor meal on this pleasant June day.  This house is all ready to entertain in style.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Vicki,
    I love the details that the builder put into the home, but like you, can you ever have too much storage. I would add cupboards in the places you suggested. I really like the open airy feel to the living room and the stone fireplace gives the room just enough stone to offset the neutral palate. I think my favorite part of the house is the foyer. I would love that entry.

    1. I really like that entry, too. I almost was going to suggest shoe sized cubbies in the mudroom- had a picture ready to go and everything- but practical or not, a wall of shoes just wouldn't be pretty. Besides, if it were in my house, the shoes would still be left on the floor, anyway. :) I figured bigger cubbies with baskets was better- they would actually put a bike helmet or something away there.

  2. I think your blog is so clever!

    1. Thanks, Martha! Did you see my schoolhouse post before this one? It reminds me of the beautiful places you've shown on your blog.