Porter County Schoolhouse

Hello! School's out for summer, so don't worry, we won't be stepping into the classroom. 
Instead, this 1896 building in Valparaiso, Indiana has become a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home.

This house has a few sets of interior French doors, one of which leads to the dining room.

I'd like to keep this simple & clean look.

This design has a schoolhouse appropriate look, and its also fits with the home's rural setting. 
As a plus, the black and white scheme ties into the kitchen:

This kitchen makes me wish I was a kitchen designer.  This room could have a lot of period character in the right hands.

I suggest this as an overall look, starting with the white cabinetry.  I'd love to see it go all the way to the ceiling.   I also like the idea of a freestanding island to house the range. 

Here is one of the bedrooms:

Let's continue the simple, black & white theme in here, and I found a way that allows us to keep the green painted trim.

Very sweet and simple, with little punches of color to freshen it up.

There's a large, light-filled family room addition on the back of the schoolhouse.

It's nice, but I think it needs attention to make it feel less modern and more original to the space. 
So, if we don't paint the trim in the bedroom, I think we need to in here.

This design provides the cute character and antiques that this space needs to age it a little, while still fitting with our overall simple design plan.

This is a great opportunity to own a charming piece of history.  What do you think, will our design give it a passing grade?

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  1. This one is pretty perfect!! I would absolutely love to live in it as you've designed it!

    1. Hi Kirstin! This house does have a lot of neat potential, and is in a pretty, wooded setting. It would be nice to live a little quieter life there.

  2. Vicki,
    I think this might be my favorite house you've found and designed for us! I love every single room. If I bought a large open building like an old school house or country church, I'd need an architect to help me with where to put up walls to create the inviting spaces you've shared.

    1. Yes, it's neat to imagine what an architect might do with this house today- probably open that kitchen up to the other rooms and change the windows in the addition, to start. I think all of us who are into houses have these daydreams about re-doing old schools or libraries. It would be an instant conversation starter when you entertained in one. :)

  3. This one is a winner! Love the kitchen. . . the hanging light fixtures are reminiscent of old school house lights. Can't believe the difference the painted window trim in the family room made. Such great ideas to help us "rookies" do things right. Bonnie

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I should have mentioned that- of course, that kitchen needs schoolhouse lights! :) This was a fun one.

  4. Oh wow....love it! I can see tons of possibilities...Oh! and let me say Hi neighbor!! I am in Merrillville :-) So happy to find a fellow blogger who lives close by!

    Have you ever shopped that little nothing flea market in LaPorte or their antique shops downtown? If not you need to go....they have great stuff at wonderful prices :-)

  5. Hi Christine! Well, actually I don't live in Indiana- I just pick random real estate listings so that I can "if it were mine" them. However, I'm from there! I'm originally from Muncie, but I'm a little familiar with your neck of the woods because we have family scattered around the state. I'll have to check out LaPorte next time I'm in the area- thanks for the tip!

    I'm so glad you stopped by! We'll have to be neighbors in spirit, since I'm a Hoosier at heart. :)


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