Old Bridgeview Lane

Hi friends! We're traveling from the Pacific of the last post to the Atlantic- or technically, the Ashley River.  We're in Charleston, South Carolina, looking at some high style, literally.

This home has been done in a traditional style, which while pretty, doesn't enhance our view at all.  Let's mute the interiors and let that scenery speak for itself.  Here's a beautiful, neutral interior to copy:

I know, that doesn't look like our room at all.  Here, I'll show you:

Guys, I didn't want to go gray on the walls, at first.  I tried navy and it was too dark, tried aqua and it was too bright, and coral was just not good. I felt like Goldilocks until Benjamin Moore's "Worn Leather Shoes" became my perfect porridge, -uh paint.  (Apparently Eeyore is naming paint colors for them.)

I'm not sure if the kitchen is open to this space.  It has different flooring, and it also has granite counters.

It's also orange.  I have an idea to give it a different focal point than its paint color.

Isn't that a striking range hood?  It's like jewelry in this kitchen.  (I think it's a Rangecraft hood.) I also like the reflective shimmer of the subway tile backsplash instead of our slate tile.  As far as paint goes, sadly for me, "Worn Leather Shoes" would actually look nice in here, too.  The cabinets appear to be a softer white than ours, so we'll add that to the to-do list, too.  

I had to laugh when I was looking for ideas for the bathroom, on the left, because one of the first images I found was the Ashley Whittaker design on the right.  What are the odds?

The wallpaper is Schumacher's Jester Caprice. Never let it be said I don't go the extra mile for you. 

Since I like dramatic powder rooms and don't like stripping wallpaper, we could certainly keep the bathroom as-is.  If we still want drama, but more in-line with our new design, we could do this:

{Jane Churchill for Cowtan and Tout}

Last up is the master bedroom, with a spectacular view of the river.

How about a pair of chairs at the foot of the bed, just to make sure we have plenty of places to relax and watch the boats go by?  Sounds pretty good to me.

Here is the listing for this high-style Charleston residence. 


  1. Vicki,
    Charleston, SC has been on my list of places I'd love to visit for a very long time. Maybe this house will go on VBRO and I can rent it when I visit. :-) I love the view. The living room is spectacular. I read on one of my favorite blogs that she never reads the name on the paint chip because the names can sway her before she makes a decision on the actual color! I get it, when there is a romantic name attached to a color, it tempts me...London Fog is an example.
    I like the bathroom you've shared as well as the bathroom the way it is. You really scored with finding a bath with the same wallpaper!
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. That's a great tip about not reading the names, because I really wanted to go with Smoked Truffle- it just seemed to suit this place better. London Fog would pretty good, too!
    That did make me laugh about the wallpaper-- here I was all set to change it, but when a talented designer is using it, well, that puts a whole new spin on things. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess!

  3. Yikes! I've been wanting to neutralize our kitchen walls, and now after looking at the orange walls (in my defense, ours are a bit more on the terracotta side) in that kitchen photo I want to do it now!! hehe

    1. Too funny, Vickie. I know what you mean- I have some yellow walls that I'm giving the stink-eye, even though I really still like them. Maybe we could just wait until the decorating pendulum swings back around, and all of a sudden neutral is "cold and boring" and people crave color again. :)


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