Hello, country mice, I've found us a roost, burrow, home at last.  This is country living in Mansfield, Missouri in a 1903 farmhouse.

What's a farmhouse without a big, comfy porch?  Let's just add a little more comfiness. 

Old wicker, more white rockers, and a fern in need of a haircut gives this porch a homey feel.

I like the bones of this old farmhouse.  Here is the living room:

Here is what we could bring to it, inspired by an aptly named source:

Love that tan/gray/greige wall color and how it blends nicely with the white slipcovers.

The kitchen already feels appropriate to a farmhouse.

The floor tile is a cute color- I'd be interested to see what kind of condition it's in. For now, I just want to change the sink area a little bit, again from a reliable source:

Very charming.  The Mason jars would even pick up the color of the tile floor. 

On to the bedrooms, with great views of the great outdoors:


 and #2

Our farmhouse bedrooms would be all set with these old fashioned beds, simple white bedding, pretty quilts, and storage baskets.  I like the look of white painted floors, but I'm not brave enough to try them in my house.  How do you feel about them?

This house looks like a happy home for anyone seeking a country retreat. Thanks for reading!

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  1. you did it again with the house. with all your inspiration photos I'm ready to move in.

    1. Thanks! I'm always a sucker for these cottage/farmhouse type homes, with all their character. I know you can relate! :)

  2. Love farmhouses -- especially farmhouse kitchen!

  3. Vicki,
    I always love a pretty, shabby chic farmhouse look. It's now quite me, but there is something so appealing about it. Ha, before we refinished our wood floors I seriously thought how much easier it would be if we only had to sand a bit and slap a new coat of white paint on them. Kind of like white slipcovers, when the sofa gets dirty through the covers in the wash. (I haven't pulled the white slipcover bullet either).
    Fun post and great porch!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I had white slipcovers when my kids were small, and I couldn't keep them white. I figure white floors would be equally high maintenance. I know what you mean about it being pretty to look at, though!

  4. Thanks, Martha! I can see you certainly know your way around a farmhouse/prairie kitchen. Lots of goodness over on your site!


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