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Show of hands, who was hoping that I would find that horse ranch?  Well, I'm getting warmer. We're  still in Oklahoma-- Edmond this time, but it's not exactly the country mouse you might have expected today.

The dining room will give you evidence of that:

We might not have horses on the property, but we can have them in de Gournay wallpaper.
(Or a similar off-the-shelf paper, here.)

{Rabaut Design Associates}
The beautiful colors in the paper will set the scheme for the rest of the house, starting in the living room:

{Smith Hanes}

Love the colors in this room.  This design doesn't address the giant niche next to our fireplace, though.  I would go for a large screen over a console dresser, and by large screen I don't mean tv, although I guess you could hide the large screen behind a large screen.

I'm thinking of something like this, made from de Gournay wallpaper, with my mockup of the effect:

Let's check out the kitchen:

Not too shabby, huh? It even has the contrasting color island that just happens to coordinate with the other rooms' colors.  We don't need to add much here-- maybe a horse weather vane over the fireplace?

Ok, I know this vane is on a range hood, but I wanted to include a little of Alison of The Polohouse's style to this post, because I kept thinking of her lovely home throughout.  Her counter stools would also look great at our island.

Let's wrap up our tour upstairs in this charming bedroom:

You know I can't resist window seats.

{Cristina Keough}
Gosh, that's pretty.  For the rest of the room,  a canopied bed and more beautiful chairs.

{James Michael Howard}
Yep, our ceiling fan has to go. It's a small sacrifice for all this beauty, don't you think?

If you're interested in de Gournay wallpaper, there's a comprehensive story about them here.
If you're interested in this house, the listing is here.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Vicki,
    I'm hoping you'll find a home in Tulsa, Charles Faudree (RIP) territory. I loved several of the homes he owned as well as a couple I saw featured that he redecorated. This one is very pretty. I've always wanted wallpaper like that in a dining room, but have always been afraid I'd get tired of it too quickly.
    The ceiling in that one bedroom is amazing...maybe a little overly adorned but still very pretty. Alison's house, The Polohouse, is one of my favorite homes in blog land.
    Great job.

  2. I like that idea- Charles Faudree's houses were beautiful. Thanks for the suggestion!


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