Fennell Bay

Hello! Feel like a little bit of travel today? This post finds us in the Fennell Bay suburb of New South Wales in Australia, and this sleekly renovated home.

That charcoal wall looks sharp. Let's keep that.

I'd like to combine these two inspiration photos into that space.  (The right one is from Atlanta Homes.)
The room would look something like this:

Moving on to the dining area, they've continued the charcoal gray in there, so let's add our peacock blue and see what happens.

This photo is from Arthur Rutenberg Homes, and I like how it continues the dressy feel from the living room into this space.

The house has 3 bedrooms, so we'll decorate 2 as bedrooms and the third as an office.




I know, this photo doesn't fit the room as well as the others-- I just was really taken with this room.  It showcases CR Laine furniture, and was featured on the blog House of Turquoise. The coffee table is such a nice match to the etagere in the living room!  I love when you can move things from room to room around your house. 

Lastly, another photo that doesn't quite match, but just works so perfectly with the house that I had to include it:

If you come over, that's where you'll find me, that is if I'm not busy rearranging accessories around the house.  Have a great day!

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  1. Vicki,
    I love the charcoal walls, in fact I've been compiling pictures of rooms with dark walls. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it but it holds appeal. I also liked the tie in with the other rooms using the peacock blue. Great design work. I too love the picture from House of Turquoise.
    P.S. I've always wanted to visit Australia.

  2. Isn't it funny- that picture is so different from how I usually decorate, but I really gravitated toward it. Something about the interplay of colors, and those updated pastoral prints just grabbed me.
    I bet you could work wonders with a charcoal wall, judging by the brown in your guest room. Your art and accessories would just pop, but it would still be traditional and cozy. I can imagine your silver trays in a room like that- wouldn't that be striking?