Hello and welcome to Elizabeth City, North Carolina today.  There's already some fun color in this charming house, so all we need to do is swoop in and decorate.

Here is the living room:

Ok, so we probably wouldn't panel our ceiling, but isn't it gorgeous? This room has a nice mix of color and a cozy feel, too.  Feel free to adjust the shade heights, if the mis-match is bothering you. 

The dining room is a nice extension of the living room.

This is from House to Home UK, and it's described as Rustic Gustavian.   My husband says that should be the name of the actual villain in The Usual Suspects.  Whatever it is, it picks up the colors from the living room, and the round Gustavian table would be a nice fit for the space.

Let's just swap out our room's light fixture for something with more character.

This is the Petit Manoir chandelier from Shades of Light, and its whimsy seems right on target.  

The kitchen is around the corner from the dining room.

{Better Homes and Gardens}
True confession time.  I used the Benjamin Moore visualizer to test this blue/green color on our before photo, and I didn't like it.  But, I was just so pleased to find such an appropriate inspiration photo that I'm including it anyway.  What do you think? Do you like the new color or would you leave it as is?

One place that could use more color is the laundry room:


Isn't it great when all you need is some fresh accessories to finish off a room?  I love those type of decorating projects. 

Last up is the master bedroom:

{DIY Network}

This room has a little deeper brown than our other rooms, but I thought the bedding would work nicely with the existing cocoa colored walls. 
I like how this house has the character of an older home, but with fun colors for today.  Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thanks, Karen, for the photo captioning inspiration. :)

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  1. Vicki,
    What I really like about the rooms you've shown is the mix of new trends (the bamboo shades; fun chandelier) with the traditional furnishings that I lean towards. I cracked up, that was the first thing I zeroed in on---the blinds need to be raised to the exact same level. :-)
    I actually like the white cabinets better but that may be boring. The new look I lean towards is when the island is a different color than the rest of the cabinets. Since there's no island in this kitchen, maybe a few splashes of color on a bank of cabinets is a good thing.

    1. I know, I liked the mix of traditional with trendy, too, so that's why I was a little surprised that I liked the white kitchen better. I guess this one proves that you really have to try it and see it in person to decide, huh?

  2. I'm always amazed at how well you match the real room to the upgrade.

    1. Sadly for me, that's as far as my visual memory extends. It'd be nice if I could use it for something useful, like remembering people I just met or figuring math formulas, but oh, well. :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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