Good morning!  Before we set out today, I want to say thank you to faithful reader and commenter Karen, of the beautiful blog Garden, Home and Party for featuring If It Were Mine yesterday.  Karen has a great eye and a lot of design expertise, especially with garden design, so her encouragement means a lot.  I love this whole blog experience.  Karen & I have never met, but she's a true friend

Back when I was cruising the listings in Flowery Branch, Georgia, I came across this pretty house that's definitely worth a visit.

Nice living room, don't you think? 

This is by designer Meg Braff.  I'd like to keep our beams dark, though, especially if we had a darker coffee table to balance them and the mirror.  That lively Quadrille fabric will set our color scheme for this house.

Around the corner is the dining area.

This ship-shape space is by Lauren Haskett. I like the trestle table and Tolix chairs, but I especially like how the valance ties into both the living room and the kitchen, as you'll see. 

This cute kitchen has tin cabinet door inserts that coordinate nicely with the countertops. That tin led me down a Pinterest rabbit trail of other pretty kitchens featuring tin.

Hmm, maybe we could put in a vintage stove, like this one shown in This Old House Magazine. 

Also, just for fun, I had to show you these tin refrigerator panels by artist Tim Arellanos.

Above the garage is unfinished space, just waiting for inspiration.

I saw this image on Kelly's wonderful blog, Talk of the House.  This is one of her inspiration photos for a similar space that she has. I'm sure her finished room will be just as stylish and cozy as this one.  

This house sure provides some fun decorating daydreams, doesn't it?  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Vicki,
    :-) Thanks, Vicki. It is fun making new friends in the blog world!
    I really like this house. I too would want to keep the beams dark wood, but the home exudes charm and I really like what you have planned for the kitchen. I remember Kelly's posts about her space above the garage. I wonder if that has been finalized?

  2. Yep, this home had too much charm to pass by. I bet we'll hear more about Kelly's space this summer. Hope so, anyway!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Vicki! I love what you have dreamed up for the house in Flowery Branch. That inspiration photo works well in a lot of places, doesn't it?! :) Our garage room has not ended up like the inspirational photo. It is not finished...mainly because I keep changing my mind about colors. (Hanging head in shame here.) We painted the little kitchen cabinets a buttery yellow, but I have not been thrilled with the direction of the color scheme. So I am planning on painting them white this weekend, and I am ordering fabric tonight. (The sample came in the mail today.) We are close to being through. I searched in Atlanta last weekend for a chair but had no luck. May have to order one from Ikea. Yep, hope to post about the room this summer. :)

    1. Oh, yay, thanks for the update! :) Looking forward to it.


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