Hello! Today we've wandered to Winnsboro, Texas, near Lake Winnsboro and Little Sandy Creek. Come on in to the family room:

This house is nice and straightforward, without a lot of decorative detail, so we'll take our cues from that.

This room is actually from a rental house in Cornwall, and it sets the right mood with simple, clean-lined furniture and a quiet palette. Yep, we're painting the paneling, and you'll see why when we check out the dining area.

Isn't that shelving unit awesome?  I love how customized and organized it is, and the gray-green color coordinates nicely with the family room.  I was inspired to add shelving on that wall by Jennifer's kitchen at The Old Painted Cottage blog.

This is Jennifer's dining area. Her shelving is such a nice use of the space, and luckily for me, her kitchen also is similar enough to this one to provide beautiful inspiration for us.

It's nice and fresh and white, and still relies on a neutral palette with lots of texture for interest.  Let's see  if we can continue that idea in the bedroom decor.

I like this simple but layered design. We could keep the paneling unpainted, and even keep the green carpet, if we coordinated the ottoman and bed pillow with it. 

I always admire neutral rooms when they're layered with lots of shapes and textures. This house doesn't need a lot of fuss- it just wants to be interesting and comfortable, like our inspiration photos. 
Thanks for wandering Winnsboro with me!


  1. Vicki,
    Where is Winnsboro? Our son and DIL (and granddaughter) live in Austin. We lived for 2 years in Arlington, TX. I'll have to look it up. I am not fond of the exterior modern architecture but I love what you've done with the interior. The living room and both kitchens are so well thought out.

  2. Funny- I actually didn't know where it was, either. Apparently it's about 4 1/2 hours northeast of Austin, or about 1 1/2 hours from Dallas. That means I probably flew over it and didn't even know it when we had a layover in Dallas, en route to Florida last week.
    I agree- I love how well both kitchens made use of every bit of their space.


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