Spring Green

Today I'm taking another swing at a Springfield challenge, and once again, this was challenging. Therefore, Springfield #8 is from Spring Green, Wisconsin. I was really drawn to the name Spring Green.

Here is the living room- the front door is across from the stone wall.

This is an unusual room, isn't it? Although I like the curtains, just having one panel on the first window is bugging me. Even if the room had a matching window on the other side of the stone wall, it still would look a little wonky.

So, no drapes, I say! (I feel like Edna Mode from The Incredibles when she declares, "No capes!") It's a rustic room, and we're going to play that up.

Here we go. This is by Bill Ingram Architects and I like it. The artwork is a bit strong for me, personally, but I can totally see why they chose it. What we would do for our room is just paint that wall and window trim brownish-gray to blend with the stonework. 

Now, how do we make this kitchen coordinate with that living room?

The floor gives us a great palette, so let's pull from it. Here's a budget plan, including swapping the white appliances for stainless. 

Here's what we could do if we had a little more wiggle room in that budget.

Each of the 3 upstairs bedrooms has either a sloped or eaved ceiling.

For this bedroom, I thought it would be fun to use the slope to create a canopy effect, like this example from Pinterest.

These furnishings also work well with the rest of the house.

Let's pop back down to the family room before we go.

I like this furniture and its layout for this space, again inspired by Better Homes and Gardens.

We might have to lose the ottoman, though. I can just picture Dick Van Dyke tripping over it on his way to the stairs. 

Except for the ottoman, this house didn't prove too challenging after all. Funny what finding a little stone wall inspiration will lead to.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Vicki,
    I love the Bill Ingram room...I've done a post on his home that was featured in House Beautiful some years ago. I'm with you, the windows in the living room would look better without drapes to draw attention to the odd shape of the room. You always find such great images to truly fit the overall size and layout of the rooms you find. So much fun!

    1. Karen, I just read your great post- how neat that Bill himself saw it and enjoyed it! The house he did on Lake Martin is my favorite, but all of his designs are comfortable and clever. I love that quote "When you see something perfect, buy it. If you don’t have a place for it, you’re going to have to force yourself.You’ll wind up with a house full of things you love."

      The stone wall originally made me think of Sherry Hart's pretty Showhouse room that she showed on her blog, but Bill's design for the room next door worked better for this particular room. It is fun to have all of this great inspiration just a click away!