Good morning! Today's post is inspired by a blogger named Marian, more popularly known as Miss Mustard Seed.  For those who might not be familiar with her, Marian is a very popular and talented DIY-er, with her own milk paint line and interiors business.  She writes for HGTV, has been featured in design magazines, and has even written her own book! Busy girl!

Marian recently mentioned that she is looking for a new house, with room to accommodate her growing business. I thought it would be fun to take a peek at some beautiful properties in her area of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and to see if I could "Miss Mustardize" them in her signature style.

This is the Deardorf Homestead from 1827.  Here is the living room, with its wonderful pine floors and fireplace surround.

Here is what it could look like with a different palette:

This is by designer Nancy Fishelson, and I'm glad for the excuse to include it.  Nancy is a pro at creating simple & beautiful rooms.  I'm not sure if Marian would paint the mantel surround or not, although it does look like the wonderful type of finish she could achieve.  

Here is the period kitchen:

This kitchen is by Misiaszek Turpin.  I did "mustardize" it with Benjamin Moore's Cable Knit Sweater blue, and added Marian's painting done by artist Cindy Austin, but I love this big, open kitchen for the space.

There are lots of possibilities for this window-wrapped room with brick floors:

I envisioned this as Marian's office, inspired, as I have been recently, by the talented Brooke Giannetti. (What can I say, the girl's got talent.)

For the rest of Marian's burgeoning business, there's a large outbuilding.

Can't you just imagine the inside all set up for workshops, like Reinvented Vintage's space, (which has held Miss Mustard Seed painting workshops).

There's even a cute building on the property perfect for a gift shop.

This example of a lovely shop is owned by Karina Gentinetta.

Finally, in those rare moments when Marian rests, she could retire to this deck:

Done up in style, of course, as shown by Little Villa Vita.

This home certainly has a lot to offer.  I know that no matter where Marian ends up, her home will be a beautiful and individual expression of her style. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh, Vicki,
    I hope you forwarded this link to Marian. You really did make it look a lot like something she would design. I've followed her some years and I love her style and am thrilled for her and her family as she has been so successful.
    I've seen Nancy Fishelson's work before and always admire the comfort and livability her rooms impart.

    1. I'm a fan of Marian's, so I hope she would appreciate my little tip of the hat to her. I'm looking forward to seeing her work her magic on a new space!

  2. Never thought I'd be interested in an older home like Montclair, but after seeing the magic that can performed in each room, I've changed my mind. Sure hope Marion sees this transformation. Another A+ Bonnie

    1. Glad you liked it! Truthfully, I did have Marian & her DIY skills in mind on this one, since the inspiration involves a little more than just decorating to realize. That said, just painting the trim in this house would lighten the feel of it for instant-gratification folks like me! :)


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