Ignore that white stuff on the ground in the waterlogue photo.  It's spring, and we're celebrating it on the inside of this 1930 pretty Pershing Blvd stone house in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

They were off to a good start with a rosy glow in the foyer:

Let's just give it a little more panache:

{source unknown}

Panache with paneling, pretty pink, and a perky pup.

I believe the kitchen can be called "unfitted":

I think a more streamlined look is in order:

{Davenport Building Solutions}

That includes enclosing the refrigerator, and if it's a springtime yellow refrigerator, all the better:

I like that our inspiration kitchen includes a pantry, because our house does too:

With glass jars and white shelves, our pantry could be pretty pleasant.

Not gonna lie, the living room could use a little refreshing:

You guessed it, white paint to the rescue.

{Annie Werden/Jenkins Baer Associates}

White paint and more of our springtime palette, that is.

The bedrooms existing finishes will be easier to work with:

{Sara Gilbane}

{Crystal Palecek}

They just need fresh white and some fancy blossoms.  

A palette of fresh peaches, yellows, and pinks guarantees springtime freshness, and would perk up Pershing in no time.


County Road G Antiques Barn

Welcome back to Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, the place to be on this Easter Sunday.  The Easter bunny has left us quite a treat today, in the form of this popular gallery and events barn.  The property also includes a house built in 1890.  Let's take a little stroll and imagine the possibilities.

The barn is picturesque, but isn't exactly weather-tight, as you'll see:

With a new landscape plan and some paint and structural work, the barn could resemble this:

{Judith Racht via This Old House}

There currently is a section of the barn devoted for events:

Let's make those events a little more eventful, like this:


Or maybe like this:


Now let's have some fun with the antique gallery, and change this utilitarian farm display:

...to a more romanticized version of farm life:

Here's another gallery before shot:

...and an Easter-apropos, just plain pretty after idea:

This courtyard area between the house and barn is already pretty charming:

...but a little more store merchandising might not hurt:

{The Gardening Cook}

I know you're as curious as I am to take a peek at the house:

Worth it, huh?

And simply because this is one of my favorite parts of any post, here is its Waterlogue version:

Have a wonderful week, friends!


Marine View Drive

Today finds us in Des Moines on Marine View Drive.  

However, those waves you see aren't Iowa's waves of grain, but rather the waves of Washington's Puget Sound.  April Fools!  This house in Des Moines, Washington was built in 1955. 

Come on in the front door to the right, and you get a hint at the mid century modern architecture:

{HartmanBaldwin Design/Build}

Focusing on the kitchen side of things, I think changing the appliances and handles, as well as surrounding the refrigerator would streamline and update the room.

Here is a view of how the kitchen fits in the overall space.  This photo is from the living room on the second floor.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

What's a mid century modern dining space without a Saarinen table? (Literally a Tulip table, in this case.)

Here's a quick mock-up of the two spaces combined, just to convince you:

Moving upstairs, we can appreciate more of the streamlined architecture:

{Disc Interiors}

This furniture layout suits the room and the color palette suits our Pacific Northwest location.

The existing color palette in this bathroom, however, I would call unsuitable:

{McElroy Architecture}
(I changed the original green-hued tile to Benjamin Moore's Lavender Wash.)

The existing vanity base could stay, but wouldn't it be fun to play up that long, lean line with a trough sink? 

The master bedroom doesn't need much decoration that might compete with the architecture:

{source unknown}
(I spiced up the original colors with some Benjamin Moore Mexican Hot Chocolate & Nile Blue, to better go with our scheme.)

I might not choose such a spiderific light fixture, but I would choose the streamlined furniture.

As for the complimentary bedroom with existing bedframe and desk unit (on the unpictured wall)...

...it could become a charming office/multipurpose room that's baby approved.

But wait, there's more.  This listing isn't just for one home, but for two!  There's an 850 square foot home on the same lot.  It looks enough like a dollhouse that I had to include it.

{Unique Home Stays}
(via Tiny House Swoon, which had me at its blog name.)

All you can do in that space is play up the cute and let your guests enjoy their stay. 

By the way, there's also a Des Moines, NM, for you geography buffs out there.  Its views aren't of grain or of water, but an inactive volcano.   They don't have any current real estate listings, though, because you know I checked.   Maybe next time.



Welcome to this pretty spiffy house in Bozeman, Montana. It was built in 1904, and unlike some of our other recent finds, has been beautifully updated over the years.

Technically, it's on 3rd Avenue, but the nearest cross street is Curtiss, so Curtiss it is!  Let's start our tour with this beautiful library:

It's already quite nice, it just needs respite from its brown and orange tones.

The lighting and round ottoman/coffee table help quite a bit, too.

The family room has beautiful paneling and a fireplace surround:

Like our library, it could be cozied up a bit.

{via Hooked on Houses} 

The kitchen already is very nice and updated, with what appears to be a Sub-Zero fridge and Viking range:

I just want to take a few ideas from here:

{via Georgiana Design}

Typically when you see two-color cabinetry, the darker color is on the bottom, like this.  If you didn't feel like pulling a color switcheroo, the main elements I would borrow from this are the lighting and the island. (I love the trestle table, but without seating or storage it just doesn't seem very practical.)

The dining room opens from the kitchen and library:

{Nancy Boszhardt}

It just needs a little friendly pattern and a statement chandelier to add warmth and coziness.

The bathroom already has a lot of period charm:

Like the kitchen, it just needs a few touches:

The black accents really make the room pop.  In our room, I'd suggest a black & white botanical print, either as artwork or the shower curtain.

Here is one of the 5 bedrooms:

{Cecilie Starin}

A little softening and a statement chandelier-- that seems to be my motto, but it works.

Here's a bonus, the property also features a small guesthouse:

I would just add some shelves above the sink with nice white dishes- something like this:

{source unknown}

As for the guest bedroom:

Again, a little color and pattern would cozy it right up:

(I darkened the walls and bed frame from the original for our purposes.)

There we go, two houses that are cozy and cohesive.  Cozyhesive.  
Have a good week, friends!